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Running Man Ep 224 Review

Running Man 224 (guests: Song GaYeon, Han Groo, Jeon So Min, Kyung SooJin, Lee SungKyung)— I am sure girl guests that come to running man have a different personality from what we see real life. 350 more words

Running Man

Don't Walk, Run!

Don’t walk, Run!

Sharing to you one of my favorite korean variety show, Running Man!

If you like watching korean dramas and variety shows but have never watching Running Man, you suck. 193 more words


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Here is one of my favorite Korean Variety Shows! They are already airing on their 224th episode! I used to watch this show before I entered college. When I first started watching the show, they were still on their 100 something episode. But i have already lost track of the episodes and the next thing I know, they're 200+ episodes! I have been trying to look for the first episodes but it has become too far for me to reach :( Oh well, I have my animes at least! <3

XFX: Zombies and Shit

For an old English professor type, I enjoy sprinkling a few entertaining and decidedly non-literary books in with the more serious contemporary texts and those musty but time-honored classics. 677 more words


Kim Woobin and Lee Hyunwoo's Quirkiness

안녕하세요. Hi!

Kim Woobin and Lee Hyunwoo were the guest of Running Man Episode 225 (December 14, 2014). The concept was as of the film the two promoted. 197 more words

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