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My running partner.

You guys remember when I introduced you to my running partner?

In case you forgot, my partner was Beagle, a foster Beagle who came to me about a week ago.   268 more words


Tales of a lonely runner

It’s been more than two years since I last had a running partner; it’s been a hard two years. Er, wait, let me rephrase that, it’s been a hard year. 680 more words


I've got a new running partner.

So last week, I was doing some blog stuff, cruising the Facebook, and a picture of this sweet boy popped up on my feed.

His story?   193 more words


Time to start training again!

I’m going to try to run again in the morning, just one mile. I’m going to try not to wreck myself, this time. I’d still like to run a marathon but I won’t be able to do that if I don’t heal properly. 270 more words


How to be an Efficient Exercise Buddy

Some days my superhero powers come to life as I jolt awake from a deep slumber; then there are days I have to drag myself out from under the warm comfy duvet.  2,036 more words

Weight Loss

Tuesday Track Training Tips - The importance of a training partner!

So, good start and bad start to my training schedule.

Didn’t get a session from my coach, but I’ll let him off, it is his birthday. 260 more words


How to choose a Running Partner… My Version

I know that I talk about my Running Partner, Lori, here quite a bit.  That’s because she and my running are completely and utterly intertwined.  Most weeks we run at least two of our runs together, plus we try to hit the gym for some strength training as often as we can.  632 more words