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Work, run(ish) , and registry

Friends are priceless. And when it comes to pregnancy, I’ve realized so are blogs.¬†Although it’s been harder to find running pregnant blogs, if there’s a belly involved I’m into it. 1,164 more words

Finding balance everyday

Some of my favorite moments in life are when people do things they aren’t sure they are able to do. For me, running through pregnancy is something I’ve never had experience with, so my expectations are somewhat low (although I will surely admit I do struggle when I try to compare my current state to my pre-pregnancy routine!) My goal is to keep moving, stay strong, go to yoga and run as long as I feel good. 849 more words

Just like a Thanksgiving Turkey

In the last few weeks, things are getting bigger and busier on all accounts. Momentum is building and major kicks are happening. It’s exciting and weird and confusing all at the same time. 1,029 more words