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"Pregnancy Brain" is the chapter missing from Lean In

or…” Sorry, can you repeat that…a tiny human is punching my bladder ” or “Excuse me, I have to pee again.”

Last year I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and was inspired and empowered thinking, “heck ya I can be a mom and a successful professional.” Racking my brain back to that book, I’m realizing she left out the major road block of “Pregnancy Brain”…that or she’s just so smart that her “Pregnancy Brain” brought her intelligence just above the average human instead of her typically exponential smarts. 812 more words

Work, run(ish) , and registry

Friends are priceless. And when it comes to pregnancy, I’ve realized so are blogs.¬†Although it’s been harder to find running pregnant blogs, if there’s a belly involved I’m into it. 1,164 more words


1. My in-laws playing with our son
2. Finishing a 5k with my husband and son one week before our second baby is due
3. Watching my son dance at our post-race “After Glow” party

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