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Sunday Gratitude

I am grateful everyday, but have chosen Sundays to blog about it.

I am grateful for running water.

There are so many places where people have to walk many kilometres to collect water. 28 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

I’ve only just learned how to do this on my camera…. take a photo of running water and make it look all steamy and blurred! 249 more words


Three Steps To Taking A Shower (2014)

1. Water on.
2. Lather up.
3. Listen to phone ring.
Behind shower door-
Call you waited all day for.


(Lovely) Word of the Day: Rhe·o·phil·i·a

noun  →   Preference of living in running water.

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“Fill your mind with lovely things”
<three rivers deep>

(Lovely) Word of the Day  is brought to you by:  Three Rivers Deep book series 78 more words


Life in Texas 1850

The weather here in Oklahoma has been over 100 for the past several days. I have stayed close to the air-conditioning to stay comfortable. I was remembering this morning when I was a kid, it was nothing to have summers with temps at 110 that lasted for many days. 290 more words