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(Lovely) Word of the Day: Rhe·o·phil·i·a

noun  →   Preference of living in running water.

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Life in Texas 1850

The weather here in Oklahoma has been over 100 for the past several days. I have stayed close to the air-conditioning to stay comfortable. I was remembering this morning when I was a kid, it was nothing to have summers with temps at 110 that lasted for many days. 290 more words

Tiny Improvements

I have some small improvements to report. The management company came in and built a temporary cabinet and put the sink back in. They had to give us a new garbage disposal since the old one was broken in the process of the kitchen demo. 50 more words

No running water or electricity is a nightmare!!

When I got home from work on Monday early afternoon I quickly noticed something wasn’t right. The weather was a dreary, rainy, grey so I flicked the light switch to brighten up the place (I thought it’s still meant to be Summer!!) however no light came on, strange I thought. 908 more words

No running water, Day 4: Shades of "Dune"

Okay, being without running water in the house has us doing a lot of interesting things we didn’t think of otherwise.

I mentioned the other day about washing the dishes with very little water. 262 more words

Social Issues

Running Water and the Fix-it Friend

Last night, I turned on the shower and just as the water started feeling good, the water stopped flowing.  The water would come out of the faucet, but not through the showerhead.  209 more words