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Day 811

Today I am thankful:

For indoor plumbing; so many don’t have it.

For toilet paper and paper towels; they seem almost decadent.

Because we have hot and cold running water on demand.


World War Three: Water

Today, I slept in. My alarm went off around 7 something, I turned it off and rolled over. Paco decided to sing to me, through the window relentlessly, so I rolled over again and grabbed the two little blue ear plugs I bought at Wal-Mart about a month ago. 647 more words

Reflecting Upon Nature.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Part I

Nature, in all its splendor, is supremely beautiful.

Often more so upon reflection.


Smoky Waters

The Smoky Mountain National Park has many, many running waters which, in part, accounts for the lushness of the verdant forest. Irene and I took a short walk away from the main road along this brook until we were out of earshot of the car and motorcycle traffic. 36 more words


A Day in the Life (part 5)

I realized today that it had been awhile since I posted one of these up so I thought I’d do one today. And this is one about water. 729 more words



the apartment is empty
the power is switched off
no more running water
bleak as a life without love

his few things are in boxes… 105 more words