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#Training Days: The week that wasn’t #swimming #running #biking #triathlon

After a blistering start to the week on Monday, the only consistent thing workout wise that happened was going to the gym at lunch. I couldn’t wait for Tuesday because of the gym workout and because it was swim day…I love swim days. 540 more words


Parkrun #16 - Saturday 30th August 2014

I’m still suffering, and on Friday, I went for a sports massage, because this niggle I have is my own fault, and is linked to weaknesses and imbalances throughout my lower body. 290 more words


Creation Interrupted

It is my birthday and I will write when I want to. Even if the dishes need to wait and the socks are missing their friends. 414 more words


Things I Love!

I have to share when I find things that I absolutely Love, so here are some of my favorites right now.

This Tinted LipGlass (key here is the word Glass) is from MAC and it is to die for –  I love the Pink Nouveau.. 386 more words

Things I Love

Tuesday Morning Musings [Working on Labor Day]

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the U.S. That usually means a day off from school, work and “labor” to remember and acknowledge the progressive state of workers rights and appreciate those who serve us during the week. 409 more words


The best place in town: Madonna del Monte Sanctuary

Today blows a powerful Tramontana wind. When this wind blows it brings away all the clouds and the sky is unbelievably clear and blue and it is possible to see all the coast from Portofino to Imperia and, if you are lucky, in front of the city it is visible the French Corsica Island. 260 more words


Weekly Update - 8/25


Monday AM: Woke up so late but decided to get something in.  1.25 miles on the treadmill was all I could muster out after a quick stretch session. 402 more words