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Happy Easter!!

I was hoping that my ankle would be recovered today from my fall during my run on Wednesday. It was actually feeling good, but then I decided to wear high heels to church today. 192 more words

Daily Rants

The wonderful thing about Middle Tennessee is that its just far enough south to have a shorter-than-average winter (with the exception of this year), yet still boast a glimpse at all four seasons for its inhabitants to enjoy. 433 more words


Health Care vs Sick/Injury Care

I’m a big fan of living a proactively healthy lifestyle.  I think we should all be taking steps not only to heal injuries and disease processes, but to prevent them from occurring at all.  827 more words

The Boston buzz is giving me the racing bug!

I warn you, this might be a rambly post.  I’m trying to figure out how my year is going to unfold.  All the buzz about the Boston marathon this weekend has got me excited, excited to race, and dreaming about one day being at the Boston Marathon!   518 more words


And then THIS happened.

The day began like any other, except at the obscene hour of 3:00 AM. After hitting the snooze button a couple of times and receiving a gentle, yet cold and moist nuzzle on the face from Monster, I gave in and rolled out of bed. 787 more words

New directions

So these are the questions I am contemplating at the moment….

Am at risk of developing a health problem due to watching TV?

Is there a possibility that if I continue to engage in watching TV after 9 pm I will become susceptible to disease? 623 more words

My Week in Fitness

I wanted to share my workouts from this past week to give myself a virtual pat on the back and also to inspire those who read my blog and are interested in the “muscles”-focused (aka fitness/exercise) posts that need to start happening just as much as my beauty ones. 338 more words