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T-minus 1 day

Today was another non-strenuous day. I started with 15 minutes on the hamster wheel, then grabbed the foam roller (because it hurts so good) and then finished up with some yoga and stretching. 162 more words

Random Ramblings

Is anyone else blown away by the fact it is mid-April?  I am.  Especially since I’m still wearing winter jackets and accessories.  WTF Mother Nature?  As someone who lives in a city where summers always feel really short, this is not helping me in staying upbeat and positive. 451 more words


Germany's little Paris

I’m now not surprised that there’s a literary reference to Leipzig being “a little Paris”. It’s a beautiful city that I would never have thought to visit if my friend Betty hadn’t won a free start in the city’s marathon last Sunday. 282 more words


17: I am Baby Jack

I am Baby Jack

Today I woke up and found a tiny string in my crib

I handed it to Mommy

I got my diaper changed… 222 more words



Hola, everyone!

This week’s flown by so quickly! I was in Mississippi for my job over the weekend, then luckily got the OK from my boss to take Monday off since I worked all weekend. 385 more words


Activity update

Last weekend I went on my first postpartum run and even though it was short in distance (a little over 2 miles) and long in time (11:30 minute miles), it felt great to be running again.   460 more words


Jump Rope

Okay time to jump rope…My sweet friend Jenny Doh had a fabulous tutorial on Jumping rope. What it boils down to is jump rope 30 seconds, and rest 30 seconds to 1 minute and repeat the formula 4x. 61 more words