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Running by 'Diane' (Draft 1)

After he learned to walk,
what a thrill to watch him run,

just wish he had a Dad
to snatch him up and hug him, 109 more words

Douglas Gilbert

Belief is Better: The Effect of Rituals on Sports Performance

Talk to any athlete about his or her pre-competition routine, and you’ll get a laundry list of each individual’s “must-do” rituals. These include, but are not limited to: shaving legs immediately prior to the event (swimmers and triathletes), creating identical conditions (eating the same breakfast, wearing the same clothes, performing the same warmup) for every race, listening to certain songs before a game, and readjusting batting gloves obsessively while at the mound (restricting this particular superstitous ritual would do a lot to hurry up a MLB game!) There are thousands of routines, unique to each individual and sport, and when I read this… 281 more words


It's like saying lip gloss is the same as lip stick

So I have an upcoming 10k this weekend at Sefton Park. It’s the Women’s 10K Running Series.

Staying in a hostel that is located 30 MINUTES walking distance from my university, naturally, I have to walk to class everyday and my legs are really exhausted for not having enough rest. 169 more words

Workout of the Day - Running

Warm-up: Get your HR intensity up to 70% gradually, then hold it there for the first 40:00.

Main Set: 3 x 3:00 @75% (80-85 SPM) w/7:00 @70% after each… 20 more words

Workout Of The Day

REVEL Race Series Ambassador - I am a REVELer

I am proud to announce, and excited to begin another ambassadorship with an extremely popular and brilliantly run race series.  REVEL Race Series is known for fast, beautiful and downhill races with amazing amenities.   318 more words

Cats love working out

I’m obviously a cat person as I post and write about my cats fairly frequently on here or Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. One thing I find so funny about them is how they have to always be involved. 93 more words


Dopey Training Week 3

Hard to believe that July is almost over and that I’m in week four of training already. I’m still in the early stages of training, which means all my runs are still under an hour long. 1,046 more words