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Becoming a runner

After having the scare with my blood pressure last summer, I knew changing my diet would not be enough if I really wanted to have a chance of avoiding heart disease. 1,151 more words


Run More

I started my training today.

Truth be told, my training started a few weeks ago when I started up for my Race to Wrigley. I’ve always had a decent amount of natural endurance, so I knew that running a few times before my 5k would be enough to get me through the race in once piece. 435 more words


April 17th: Running Violations!

This is amazing, lol. My favorite is #9!

I would like to add:

11) wearing a CamelBak in ANY setting other than an ultra marathon or the middle of the fricken’ desert – $150.00… 36 more words


The Last Day Before the Last Year

In a few hours I turn thirty-nine.


Forty is one thing. It feels like something worth celebrating.

But thirty-nine is just…almost.

Almost forty. The last year I’m thirty-something. 459 more words


Stress Fracture...Now What?

So, for those of you that do not know…I got the results of my MRI on April 2nd and I do indeed have a stress fracture in the shaft of my femur.   1,278 more words


Workout: Wed 4/16/14 @ Jorgensen YMCA (200m Indoor)

Workout: Wed 4/16/14 @ Jorgensen YMCA (200m Indoor)
•Plan: 600s in 1:36, 400s in 63, 300s in 47 or 48.
•Warmup: 2 miles E, dynamic flex and sprint drills. 31 more words


First Quarter Check In

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the second quarter of 2014, I thought I’d do a check in to see how I’m coming along with some goals I made for myself this year. 399 more words