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Using the Evil Eye Ruqya for a Car


According to one story, someone cast an evil eye on another‘s car, so the car did not start. The owner asked the eye- caster to do ablution (to wash for Salat), which the latter did. 209 more words

Knowledge (iLm)

Seeking Ruqyah from other people

With regards to the statement of the Prophet sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam about the 70, 000 people who will enter Paradise without reckoning or punishment that they are people who “do not seek ruqyah”, 205 more words


When You Sleep recite Ayatul Kursi

Abu Hurairah t reported that the Messenger salAllaahualayhi wasallam said,

“When you are about to sleep recite Ayatul Kursi till the end of the Verse for there will remain for you a protection from Allah and no devil will draw to you until morning.” .

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Ruqyas vs. Trust in Allah


Does treatment with Ruqyas contradict trusting in Allah?


To trust in Allah means to truthfully rely on Him believing that He is the only One Who can bring about benefit and prevent harm and to, simultaneously, take the necessary measures commanded by Him. 184 more words