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"The repeated “success, scale, fail” experience of the last 20 years of development practice suggests something super boring: Development projects thrive or tank according to the specific dynamics of the place in which they’re applied. It’s not that you test something in one place, then scale it up to 50. It’s that you test it in one place, then test it in another, then another. No one will ever be invited to explain that in a TED talk". Stop trying to save the world

"Seeking Truth From Fact": The Relevant Role of Experimental Models in China's Rural Development

I returned to Suichang last week, although this time not to conduct my own research, but as an assistant to a professor I met at a conference last summer who hired me as a mentor for a group of US undergrad students she lead on a month-long trip across China. 1,982 more words

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The Place Where Cotton Grows; or, Sometimes You Have to Cross the Road

Greetings, friends, from Sayla, India!

In case you’ve never heard of Sayla, let me introduce you, albeit superficially, by way of rephrasing that last sentence. 1,671 more words

Aga Khan Foundation

Caribbean Regional Briefing: Enhancing regional trade & Adding value to Caribbean agrifood products

The Caribbean Regional Briefing took place from 16 – 18 November 2014 in Grenada. The event, which was organised by CTA, in collaboration with the… 63 more words

Rural Development

Report cites Library and Archives woes, urban-rural library divide

Canadians care “passionately” about their community libraries and archives, but Library and Archives Canada, the font of our national memory, remains demoralized and in desperate need of help, says a report released Thursday by the prestigious Royal Society. 757 more words

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