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The Great Escape

Coming back from a walk the other day, I happened across a flock of sheep in the road, which I reckoned must be the gang in the field opposite our house. 203 more words

Rural Diversions

Free firewood

A decent amount of wood was already chopped and stacked halfway down our driveway. It was covered with some worn-out plastic sheeting, so we took the wheelbarrow out for its first spin and loaded up a couple of times. 61 more words

Rural Life

First Power Outage

Last night, we had our first power outage. I was starting to make dinner while a second batch of apple cinnamon bagels finished baking in the oven. 236 more words

Rural Life

We lived

We Lived
seven tenths of a mile
off the road
no one could sneak up
on you
the chuckchuckclick
of the gravel underneath
the tire… 58 more words

All Creatures Great and Unrecognizable

Driving home yesterday I was involuntarily stopped short in order to rub my eyes.

There was a gathering of grazing critters.

This in itself is not unusual when you live in the country. 124 more words