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In all its beauty and it wonder, sounds like some sort of documentary starter here, seriously though, Alaska is a beautiful place.

Buuut, it has its problems too, and they aren’t small ones, Alaska has the highest suicide rate among teenagers than any other state in the country, high depression, incarceration, alcoholism, behavioral health problems, insane cost of living. 921 more words


Plough the Earth

Far from the public eye, the fields of Grays Harbor are beginning the cycle of production. The earth is turned over to collect the spring water and allow the fog to coddle the soil preparing to feed us all for the coming year. 10 more words

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Hot Pink

Living in the city you become accustomed to street light, store signs and restaurants scenes adding dimension and color to your daily life. In the country, the texture of daily life comes more from the weather. 69 more words

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No Hunting

The Sign Project continues.
This classic serif font sign gets the point across: Stay Off My Land.
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The Line

Train tracks through town are getting more and more traffic. While an inconvenience, the 10-minute long convoys also give a hope of work, prosperity. Soon, they could mean health risks and coal dust covering our little towns. 9 more words