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Wild turkeys

We drove down a country road the other day, rounded a curve, and came across a flock of turkeys. I coasted to a stop, got the camera, and began snapping.

New work developing

I’ve been concentrating on smaller landscape pieces this week – here’s some pics…

These are preparation for ‘Along the Way’ a piece inspired by journeys through Scotland. 91 more words


Flat top

The tree in the centre has a quite different growth habit from its neighbours.



One tree, gloriously ablaze in this bush across the harvested field, peeks through a small opening to let the world know that it bows to the inevitable, the turning of the seasons.



Soon this cornfields’ tousled, untidy hairdo will be shorn right down.



Alone and isolated yet with spears at the ready, this phalanx of corn stands ready to do battle with the combine.


Straight and curved

Though nearly lost in the fog, the contrast between the transmission line tower and tree was so arresting that I had to stop.