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Tundra Swans, Lambton County

These majestic creatures (Cygnus columbianus, link to AllAboutBirds from Cornell Lab of Ornithology) are quite shy and keep a healthy distance from humans. 17 more words


Tree in Field, Chatham-Kent

This tree stands, living through snow, rain, cold, heat, anything and everything thrown at it. It doesn’t rail against, revile, complain about, whine about the onslaught. 11 more words



Another sign that the season is turning, the first significant snow. It’s beautiful to see, though the cold – minus 14 wind chill – is unseasonable and biting. 21 more words


Tendrils of snow fall through the evening sky, evaporating before reaching ground level.



An old, weatherbeaten shed takes on a ruddy glow in late afternoon sun.

Long shadows

While the time change can be discombobulating, it can also bring a photographer new opportunities. I was unlikely to have captured this image before ‘falling back’. 14 more words


Combine in Fog

Details softened, this combine awaits its next assignment.