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The First Piece of Candy

This is the fourth report in this collection of stories from a volunteer working in rural Yunnan, China. As she dives deeper into the mountains and the lives of the people who live there, what she encounters become still more shocking. 240 more words


Technology and Educational Equity

I love just about everything that comes from Mind/Shift, but the article linked below particularly sparked my interest. I believe very strongly that our educational system in the United States traps students in a socio-economic bubble, from which it is hard to escape. 105 more words

The Girls of Yunnan, China

Yunnan is one of the most beautiful places in China. I have been to Lijiang, a UNESCO world heritage site, in Yunnan. There were fields of canola flowers that were the brightest yellow, cool clear water ran through the channels beside the cobbled pavement, rich red, deep blue, and pure white garments hung in storefronts. 528 more words


The Classroom Behind the Fence

What’s behind these fences? Classrooms, classrooms that children study in everyday in rural schools in southwestern China.

While some schools offer state of the art facilities complete with a swimming pool and Mac labs, others have to cope with leaky roofs and walls that creak with the wind. 98 more words


A Veterans Day Salute to a Three-Star Family - reflections from Mitchell Kyd

Take a look at all these little smiling faces! The year was 1932 and this photo showed the entire school population (minus that infamous kid named “Missing from Photo” who has not appeared in every school class picture ever recorded). 894 more words


What is the Country School Association?

The Country School Association of America is the national association for one-room schools. It’s an interesting organization because it started having almost spontaneous conferences around the country until they formalized it with an organization. 546 more words