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Conservative Hero and Welfare Queen Cliven Bundy Speaks Out on Race

Over the past few weeks, Fox News and it’s Conservative Media clones have been madly pushing their anti-government agenda by using Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy as their new hero.   485 more words

Republicans Are Racist

“. . . the fire of the sun has tricked you blind. . .”

A friend with whom I agree probably 90% of the time on matters of art (especially theater), politics, philosophy, self-care, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, posted on Facebook the… 1,174 more words


Thursday Reads: Freedom Fried Edition

Good Morning!

BB is having internet problems this morning so I’m going to try to get this quick post off this morning!

I’ve really come to believe that the Republican Party is basically the victim of the success of the Southern Strategy. 1,781 more words

Morning Reads

Earth Day-So What?

Yesterday was Earth Day. Even if you didn’t remember the date, you would have to be a media hermit to not be reminded of it wherever you looked. 905 more words



On Sunday, I noticed an article in the Washington Times that actually surprised me, Sharp Elbows in Republican primaries, but first a little background. 608 more words

Republican Party

Rush Irks Left Again by Tossing out a Theory about the Shoe Tossing at Hillary

Several liberal websites were outraged that Rush Limbaugh would imply that the shoe throwing at Hillary Clinton, presumed Democratic frontrunner for 2016, was staged.

But it should be in the context that Limbaugh said, “I’m illequipped to comment. 314 more words

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Bad News Coming From Everywhere – Even The Right

There have been rumors of Rush Limbaugh’s radio career demise for a few years now.  The following article should shed some light on the progress thusfar… 1,006 more words

Rush Limbaugh