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Rush Limbaugh is right on the money here, I agree with him!!!

I know there aren’t a lot of Rush Limbaugh fans out there but in my opinion, this is one of the best things he have said. 514 more words


Rush Limbaugh On Viral Street Harassment Video: "It Was Just Men Being Polite" (DETAILS)

When Hollaback, an anti-street harassment organization, released a video of actress Shoshana B. Roberts enduring more than 100 catcalls while walking in New York City streets, we weren’t surprised at the amount of men dismissing how horrific street harassment really is. 349 more words


Five Instances of People Entirely Missing the Point

It seems like people often are unappreciative of human nature.  Typically, humanity has demonstrated a proclivity for being kind and sincere.  Of course, the opposite happens often as well, and those tend to be the instances that define humanity.   1,507 more words


The Thinking Heroes!!!

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership — heard about them on Rush’s show. Damn! XO
Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.

The Ebola Paranoia, and The Insufferable Political Squandering

Along the slums of Sierra Leone, stretching through the shores of Liberia, an epidemic of major proportions plagues the Western stretch of Africa. Devastation, with thousands of cases, and with correlation, thousands of fatalities, is consuming these third-world countries. 282 more words

Chris Christie

Rush issues dire warning about Obama after election.......................

While many political observers are wondering what will happen if Republicans win control of the U.S. Senate in the November election, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh… 534 more words

(Rush L.) ~ Quarantine Barack Obama! Best Idea Ever... "You know, I joked yesterday we needed to quarantine Governor Christie. It turns out actually we need to quarantine Barack Obama. And apparently......."

Quarantine Barack Obama! Best Idea EverTownhall.com ^ | October 28, 2014 | Rush LimbaughPosted on 10/28/2014, 2:25:57 PM by Kaslin


RUSH: If there was a word, if there was a word that I would attach to the news today, it would be “clarity.” Some things are starting to come into focus. 464 more words

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