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1. Now that I think about it, Pope Benedict XVI might have been too pooped to pope.

2. The best lede of a UPI wire story I ever read went like this: … 203 more words

Joseph Tintle

Donald trum: A Stale Joke

Donald Trump, the pouty little boy with the massive ego, was a featured speaker at the recent “Republican Summit” in Iowa. I have two brief observations. 262 more words


‘I never once doubted his instincts. I had total trust

An emotional Rush Limbaugh remembers his chief of staff, Kit Carson, who died of brain cancer Monday, Jan. 400 more words

US News

Heartbroken Rush Limbaugh says goodbye to late friend, EIB colleague Kit Carson

Rush Limbaugh’s “chief of staff” Kit Carson has passed away after a long battle with brain cancer.

Prayers for Christopher "Kit" Carson, Rush Limbaugh's Chief of Staff, age 58, died of brain cancer…

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Media Watch: Rush Limbaugh says 'There's no Journalism"

Limbaugh Institute Thesis: There Is No Media

Watch the Media? What Media?

I’m Rush Limbaugh, America’s Real Anchorman. A Real Anchorman.  I do the job that most anchormen ought to be doing.  1,880 more words


The Pope weighs in on climate change, saying man "continuously slaps nature in the face"

Wrapping up his visit to the Philippines this week, Pope Francis stirred up controversy by taking an unequivocal stance on climate change and calling on the international community to step up during United Nations climate talks in November. 256 more words

If You Repeat A Lie Often Enough. . .

Spent 15 minutes today listening to high school graduate, and conservative radio talk show entertainer, Rush Limbaugh rant on about the hoax of global warming. Armed with “indisputable” facts and logic, El Rushbo dismissed every academic and scientific research body in the world as part of a global liberal conspiracy to destroy capitalism via environmental regulations. 46 more words