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War, Johns and Sluts, the continuing adventures of Joe Ingino

Another week, another poll and once again Joe has been able to tell the future. Earlier this week when Both Rosemary McConkey and John Gray announced they would be running for mayor, I jokingly said to someone that even though their names weren’t on Joe’s latest poll, they would somehow end up in the results. 505 more words


Looking back on the nightly violence on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, Dr. Savage made a trenchant observation.

For years now, he reminded his listeners, the Department of Homeland Security has “been militarizing police forces, getting ready for an insurrection within America. 368 more words


Palin's Redskins Rant: Using a Political Football to Silence a People



Sarah Palin took to Facebook on Friday to deliver her thoughts on the Washington Redskins, spurred to action by Mike Ditka and Rush Limbaugh. 830 more words


Rush Limbaugh Explains Obama’s Real Plan to Destroy America

President Barack Obama is becoming the Golfer-in-Chief. From his failure to secure the Southern Border to his shamefully weak response to ISIS savagely beheading an American journalist, Obama seems to have checked out of the White House early. 429 more words

If You're Happy And You Know It, Tell Your Face

(This post was originally published in July 2011. Enjoy).

I once bought a book based solely on the cover. I realize that people will say not to do that, but I did it anyway. 929 more words



Epitheton (e-pith’-e-ton): Attributing to a person or thing a quality or description-sometimes by the simple addition of a descriptive adjective; sometimes through a descriptive or metaphorical apposition.  129 more words

Figures Of Speech