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Rush Limbaugh Misses the Good Old Days When We Just Called Rape “Seduction”

Not just a hit piece on Rush – there’s some really great commentary on how consent culture is the opposite of rape culture.

Rush Limbaugh is clearly hostile to the idea of consent, as are many other men.

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Paying it Forward

I was the media manager for a non profit in Salt Lake called One World Everybody Eats from 2005 to 2010.  OWEE is a successful pay-what-you-can community kitchen that prepared gourmet vegetarian, meat and vegan main courses, appetizers, soups, salads & desserts.  621 more words


Facing Tomorrow's Challenges Today

As I look at the challenges to civilization, I see two kinds: external and internal.

Externally, climate change is already a serious challenge for us and is made worse by the skeptics who want no action. 517 more words

Exclusive! Explosive Report!

Breaking News! Exclusive! Hot off The Press! Get it Here First! Stay Tuned! The Latest Reports! News Flash! Reported Here First! Updates Coming! Reports Up-To-The-Minute! Urgent exposé. 1,135 more words

The Rules of the Writing Game

RULE #1:  Write Alone.  

Writing is like masturbation.  It’s best done in private.  It’s awkward when done before an audience.   If a spouse, significant other, roomie, or BFF ever says, “I want to watch you write.  1,845 more words

It's My Life

Do You Know What Rape Is? Take the Quiz

*Dedicated to Rush Limbaugh.

In my novel, The Rooms Are Filled, a man forces a woman against a wall and, holding her with one hand by the neck as she struggles, he sticks the fingers of his other hand up inside her, repeatedly and forcefully. 1,251 more words