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Checking in ...

Sorry for the delay folks, I’ve been a busy little¬†bee over the last month, but I haven’t slacked on going to shows or checking out new bands. 339 more words

The wonder of live music.

So, I’ve been starting to go see more live music lately. I love live shows. I think the energy is great, and the immediate feedback between the artist and the audience can elevate good music to the level of greatness. 670 more words

Event Reviews

Chapter Visit: Young advisor learns about need to challenge brothers during trip to Gainesville

I traveled directly to Gainesville, Florida from my previous weeklong visit at NC State. So needless to say, I was a little worn down by the end of the week. 930 more words

Beta Upsilon Chi


Rush: A sound given form, that weaves as music weaves, either in the swamps, as mats, or simply strewn on a floor. The sound is silence, that when brushed, lifted by the wind or walked through, makes the sound of rushing, yet when untouched is silent. 59 more words


Gooey Butterflies

When I was married I used to crave the feelings you get from a new relationship. I’ve not had many and I don’t know if everyone’s the same but I was reading today and one of the characters was going through it and it made me think. 612 more words


L.O.N.D.O.N . . . I adore the central city and travel there quite regularly for visits. Although, with being from Birmingham myself, I find one element particularly bizarre. 302 more words