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rushing into Lake Washington

I stood on a bridge over a creek rushing off a hillside and into Lake Washington. The amount of debris makes it possible to see how turbulent the transition was. 11 more words


God Present, as Promised

During a restless night, I felt like the Israelites again. All the things I have to do were advancing toward me with their sharp spears, while my heels backed into the Red Sea. 388 more words


Sooke Pot Holes Regional Park

My hubby and I took a little drive to Sooke Pot Holes Regional Park earlier this week to check out the salmon spawning. Unfortunately, there were not many salmon hanging about. 25 more words


angels unleashed . . .

The word “unleashed” intrigues me. It feels like it should be used exclusively about things good. Happiness, intelligence, grace, joy―not negative power as in floods and fire, anger. 641 more words

Breathing Space - October 27/14

The water’s back and places where I was walking last month are running with the river.