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The Four Horsemen of Clash

We all know the biblical tale…. The apocalypse is upon us when we see 4 horsemen, each one riding a horse of a different color- white, black, pale, and red. 797 more words

Clash Of Clans

Amateur's guide to visiting and/or moving to Hawaii

While I was thinking about a move to Hawaii….. OKAY, stalling.  I was doing some research to get an idea about what I could expect. Of the things I did find, none of them truly prepared me for being here other than the expectation that things will be $ expensive $… here goes….. 417 more words

For my fellow sorority newbies

I’m not quite sure if I’m experienced enough to give tips to other new sorority girls considering I’ve only been in mine for 19 days, but I’m going to anyways! 951 more words

Why experts warn of rushing to update to iOS system 8

Help Point  Much talk in the last two days on the iOS which Apple announced the availability of its update on Wednesday. Unanimous views of most of the people I know of specialists and experts in this field need not rush to update to the new system and provided many reasons mentioned Satti highlighted. 120 more words

Help for road-rage or The Yoga of Driving in Rush Hour Traffic (-:

The key to accessing one’s higher guidance (in my experience) is finding the inner stillness within. It comes down to centering and breathing. I want to make it more complicated than that but it really isn’t. 183 more words

Rush: a working parent anthem

Last Friday morning I RUSHED*.

In a space of one and a half hours after 5:45am when our son woke, I:

  • read books and had cuddles with part 2 (a delightful start to the day)
  • 486 more words

Remnants of Segregation Linger in Sororities

As rush week vastly approaches college campuses all around the U.S., an article in the September issue of Marie Claire brought attention to the lack of African American diversity in the University of Alabama Greek system.  354 more words