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4 and a Half Days a PNM: The Unofficial What-Not-Do-Guide of Rushing

I’ve read numerous how-to guides and not enough what-not-do-to guides regarding rushing. This is so backwards to me. It’s so hard to do things in a certain way. 1,178 more words

Run/Pass Imbalance on 2nd and 3rd Down

It’s generally agreed that teams rush too much and don’t pass enough.  It’s obvious enough just looking at my home team, the Eagles: Nick Foles’ 2013 Yards/Attempt was 9.1 — compare this to Shady McCoy, 2013 rushing champion.  1,420 more words


Creeping In

I can feel it in the mornings when I leave for work. It is bright, portions of the sky are bright and clear and in other areas there are grey clouds, some wispy and thin, others thicker and more menacing, There are some spots of sunlight against buildings but mainly there is that cold, grey, omnipresent shadow that makes you shiver. 80 more words


Back To School

The Alarm Beeps,

I Hit Snooze.

The Alarm is Off,

I Look at the Clock,


Rushing, Rushing, Rushing! 

Oh How I Love Going Back To School.

Embracing the Quiet

I cannot remember the last time I took the time to write my thoughts down before this whole “marriage thingy” blew up in my face. 375 more words