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Darren Aronofsky's Noah (2014)

SpoilersDarron Aronofsky’s Noah is an interesting film based on the biblical story of Noah. And of course because of its controversial base text, most reviews and critiques I’ve read are all about the wild creative license the writer has taken to create his film. 1,093 more words


Family: A Catalyst for Work?

Often when one thinks of work, it holds a negative connotation; something requiring much of one’s energy, something that takes away from one’s leisure, or a mindless task. 349 more words


Noah (2014 – EUA) 

Darren Aronofsky vai provando que não se dá bem com grandes orçamentos. A coisa sai de controle, se torna faraônica, imensa. Fonte da Vida era seu filme mais fraco, e o maior orçamento que Aronofsky havia trabalhado. 198 more words



The classic Biblical story of a man who is tasked by God to build an ark to house two of every species to survive the flood that will wash away those who have succumbed to sin, so that he may rebuild and repopulate the world. 1,208 more words

Movie Review

Review: 'Noah' (and the Planeteers!)

How do you sell the same ol’ Bible story of Noah to modern audiences? Change it… a lot.

In the Old World before the Great Flood, Adam and Eve sinned and Cain killed Abel. 644 more words


Noah (Movie Review)

          “Damned if I don’t do what it takes to survive. Damned if I don’t do what I want.”

All throughout this movie we see human depravity played out. 493 more words


Stay warm this winter!

It is starting to get a little bit chilly here in Christchurch so we’ve come up with some ideas to help you stay warm with knitting and sewing… 21 more words