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Russell Brand Takes Sean Hannity To Task Over His Views On Israel / Palestine By Calling Him A Ken Doll

Russell Brand is still in full revolution mode it would seem, putting out over 100 episodes of The Trews on YouTube in an effort to stoke the burning inside the youth of the world, or something like that. 503 more words


Russell Brand dissects Sean Hannity's bullying nonsense over Gaza

In his own brilliant, signature style, Russell Brand gives a thoughtful and entertaining rebuttal to Sean Hannity’s brazen, finger-wagging abuse of his Palestinian guest.

Brand rightly points out that while it’s obvious the Fox News people have a right-wing agenda, the end result of that agenda in this case, is an exacerbation of an already deadly enough situation. 49 more words


My Retirement 2: This Time It's Personal

I, of late, have had mixed feelings about this here blog I’ve been working on. Although I feel I’m doing a service to mankind, I also bring into play a recent spiritual journey I’ve been on, in which we are all of the same essence and to destroy one part of the spirit, is to damage all of the spirit. 450 more words

Booky Wook 2

Branding Russell a “International Relations Expert”

The lofty self-aggrandizing multimillionaire anarchist has decided to use Fox News as a vehicle to make clear his views on the Israel Palestine conflict.

The comedian turned film star of such classics as Arthur, Get Him to the Greek and Despicable Me has spoken openly about his drug addiction and has used his celebrity status pro bono to raise awareness and address the House of Commons.


Russell Brand says Sean Hannity looks like a 'Ken doll'

Russell Brand is critiquing the news in his YouTube show, The Trews. He shared it on Tuesday, tackling a Sean Hannity report on Israel and Palestine. 93 more words


On 'Terrorism' in the Gaza conflict - Rejoinder to Russell Brand (a.k.a Pseudo-political Gasbag)

Russell Brand is an idiot. I’ve taken the time to go through his arguments:

1) I have no idea why he equates terrorism to pricking someone with a pin and it’s facile as far as I’m concerned, but from what I gather, he’s trying to say ‘terrorism is ok in asymmetric warfare’ – i.e terrorism is a weapon of the weak; acceptable in the face of superior resources and weaponry. 341 more words