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Ryan Gosling Video Bombs Russell Crowe During Speech

Hey ladies…… Ryan’s here to make you laugh *wink*

According to Huffington Post, Ryan Gosling crashed Russell Crowe’s nominee speech during the Australian Academy Awards and this might be the funniest we’ve ever seen Gosling. 96 more words


Ryan Gosling Interrupted Russell Crowe Live On Air, And No One Is Mad About It

Russell Crowe, you’ve officially been Gosling-ed*!

While presenting the nominees for Best Supporting Actress at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards, Russell Crowe was joined by a renegade speech crasher in the form of one… 139 more words


Ryan Gosling just got that bit cooler after he videobombed Russell Crowe at the Australian Academy Awards

We just can’t resist a bit of Ryan Gosling. Especially when he’s being as ridiculously cool as he is here.

Because not content with starring alongside Russell Crowe in forthcoming cop thriller The Nice Guys, Gosling made his presence known at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, where Crowe was presenting a prize. 205 more words


Ryan Gosling Crashes Russell Crowe's Speech, Proves We Actually Can Love Him More

Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more obsessed with Ryan Gosling, he goes and shows another lovable side to him. During the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts Awards on Thursday night, viewers were treated to a surprise appearance by none other than our favorite actor turned internet meme. 119 more words


[WATCH] Ryan Gosling Video Bombs Russell Crowe

Do you know what would make an awards show even better? Ryan Gosling videobombing Russell Crowe. That’s exactly what happened yesterday when Crowe was presenting an Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts Award (AACTA) via satellite from the Los Angeles set of… 68 more words


A Beautiful Mind, A Weighty Movie

John Forbes Nash, Jr. (born 6-13-28) is a mathematician whose theories have innovated economics, computer science, biology and other disciplines.  Nash, a Princeton alumnus and a senior research mathematician, won the 1994 Nobel Prize.   386 more words


G'day folks! Ryan Gosling crashes Russell Crowe's live Aussie awards presentation

Australian television viewers got a nice Ryan Gosling jolt when the mustached-actor joined Russell Crowe during a live satellite presentation for the Australian Academy Awards. 181 more words