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Noah. Bloggah.

We have wanted to review Noah since it was released last month, but it just couldn’t fit in our schedule. But as it ends up, this is the perfect time for it. 868 more words


Master & Commander - Nostalgia IS what it used to be

You know, sometimes you just need to watch an unadultered boy’s film. I know this because a) I’m a boy and b) er… that’s about it really.  592 more words


Better Late Than Never Movie Review: Noah

Possible Spoilers ahead!


Plain and simple, this  is one bizarre movie.

This movie has everything you’d expect a modern-day blockbuster would have: Stunning visuals, A-list cast, hand-to-hand combat, old wise men, predictions of apocalypse, computer-generated monsters, and a villain with a deep voice with a British accent. 544 more words



Movie; Darren Aronofsky, 2014


I normally wouldn’t carp on about crap blockbusters as I’ve only got myself to blame for going to see them in the first place, but I feel like I was somehow cheated into Noah. 105 more words


It Just Gets Weirder

That’s right.  If you can say it you can do it. Everything’s a mystery now.  You just don’t know what’s coming next but at least you’ve realized that’s how it should be, instead of fighting it.  619 more words


Noah Review

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good bit of controversy. I don’t necessarily to get involved personally, but watching the vitriol spew forth from both sides is about as sporting as I tend to get these days. 739 more words


Noah weathers the storm

YEP - It’s not a great film. Amazingly, I can’t even say it’s an ambitious film.

Noah contemplates long and hard on whether or not man is worthy of sharing the planet with other life forms. 235 more words

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