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Century Falls

Do you hear that? That faint chiming sound in the distance, just detectable over the howl of the wind? Kind of melancholy… ethereal… vaguely threatening? Yeah, don’t worry about that, it’s just the sound of my uncanny village alarm going off. 1,178 more words

Kids Tv

Doctor Who Rewatch: "The Girl in the Fireplace"

Lottie, Hortence, and I are all quite fond of the television programme Doctor Who. In preparation for the series eight premiere, which is quickly approaching this Saturday, BBC is showing many of the older episodes this week. 871 more words

David Tennant

Ten Awesome Doctor Who episodes from the new series.

Since we’re all excited about the Aug. 23 premiere of Doctor Who series 8 starring Peter Capaldi, here’s a list of my favorite Doctor Who episodes from the new series. 1,747 more words


Coming Out

Every gay person has a coming out story.

And, just as every person is different, the stories are different as well.

For me, the most difficult thing was coming out to myself. 669 more words

Book Review #1 - The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

Hello guys!

Today I bring you a review! This one is about a very recent favourite of mine but I don’t think I ever read a book quite like this one. 641 more words

Doctor Who: Slitheen - The Green, the Good and the Ugly (Whovember #9)


The first retrospective of the new series finds the lonely Ninth Doctor on his short travels. In particular, a look at his complete adventures involving the new series first recurring villains. 3,693 more words