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Difference of opinion

It’s a bit ironic that today on my WordPress newsfeed, I was presented with two different articles, one saying how much writer prefers the RTD and the Tenth Doctor, and the other saying how much the writer prefers Moffat and the Eleventh Doctor. 520 more words

Doctor Who

I do not love Steven Moffat, is that a problem?

I’m a whovian, I like everything Doctor Who related! Eleven is not my Doctor, is that a problem? So why do people get ticked off when I point out that I really don’t like Steven Moffat as a showrunner?!  359 more words

Doctor Who

Russell T Davies talks to Mark Lawson about....

There are four parts to this.
I’ve found it brilliant, both as a writer, and getting an insight into the great big brain that was behind my dissertation. 43 more words

999: "You need a Doctor..." Nine of the Ninth Doctor's Best

Nine of the Ninth Doctor’s best moments on the ninth anniversary  of his arrival… Yes, the anniversary was on Wednesday the 26th, but new Doctor Who’s all about Saturdays, just as it should be… 1,837 more words


When Is a Face Not ‘Just’ a Face? When It’s on DOCTOR WHO!

When Peter Capaldi was announced as the face of the 12th Doctor last summer, his reception was almost universally hailed as brilliant.

There was, however, one teeny-tiny little potential fly in the ointment: The actor had already appeared on the series in a significant guest role — as Caecilius in “The Fires of Pompeii.” And, not only that, he had also shown up in all five episodes of the TORCHWOOD story “Children of Earth,” as John Frobisher. 469 more words

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Hard data

I found this on my Facebook feed yesterday: Graph TV. It’s a website that reads the IMDB ratings of TV show episodes and graphs them, with the linear regression showing the ratings trend over each season. 1,163 more words

Doctor Who

Relaunch 2005

Yesterday was the 9th Anniversary of the Relaunch of “Doctor Who” but I did the anniversary of Pat Troughton’s birthday. So today. let’s talk Relaunch. 767 more words