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Leading to the drums

Lazy and messy are character traits you do not want to combine, but sadly they are prominent in both me and my husband, resulting in stacks and stacks of videos and games in no order, as well as some loose discs, sitting on any flat surface we can find. 841 more words

Doctor Who

18 Ways

18 ways to tell if you’re a genuine Doctor Who superfan

If you always take a banana to a party and¬†never blink when you see a statue, you’re on your way to being a proper, take-no-nonsense Whovian superfan, says David Prince…

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The BBC Wants to Broadcast Your Sex Life

Russell T Davies – creator of iconic television series Queer as Folk – has set a new project in motion called ‘Tofu‘.
Tofu… 175 more words


Interview: Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan is a mysterious international mystery woman of mystery who has gone by many names: Is she actually Jenny Colgan? Or perhaps Jenny T. Colgan? 1,896 more words

Doctor Who

Looking Ahead to Doctor Who Series 8

It should go without saying, but there is a spoiler warning up through the latest Christmas Special and the trailers for Series 8.

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Seven Days of Moffat: Silence in the Library

It’s the introduction of the only companion to span 2008 to 2013.¬† Is it a good one?

Science Fiction

Interview: 'Radio Free Skaro's' Steven Schapansky

Steven Schapansky not only has a second name that you have to type out very carefully (and then double and triple check) but is also one of the three hosts of… 1,545 more words

Doctor Who