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Domestic Architecture of Pre-Revolutionary Moscow 6

This series of posts comprises a few loosely translated extracts from Bolshoi Gorod, a fine Russian magazine of art and culture. In April last year, they did a small series on  494 more words


[VIDEO] Putin and Snowden Bromance, Live on Russian TV


“Does Russia intercept, store, or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals?”

Snowden also asked if increasing “the effectiveness of intelligence or law enforcement investigations” is justification for placing societies under surveillance. 52 more words

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Likelihood of Russian-Ukrainian war, at 50%

Given the message of today’s press conference by Putin, and Russian troop movements on Ukraine’s borders, I would now estimate the likelihood of an invasion of regular Russian troops into Ukraine, i.e. 140 more words


The Rise of The Soviet Empire: Putin's Zombie Propaganda Reanimates Russian Nationalism

Putin’s use of Soviet-era symbolism has alarmed those already fearful for the country’s democratic institutions

Kathrin Hille writes: Igor Dolutsky finds nothing unusual in disagreeing with everyone around him. 803 more words


Not the Way They Taught It in Journalism School

More really brave reporting from Luhansk, Ukraine by @SimonOstrovsky.

“A lot of people think that if they join Russia then everything will be great and there will be fireworks. 6 more words

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As Goes the East

Dmitri Trenin says “absent urgent and massive assistance to Ukraine coupled with a strategy of economic reform, Eastern Europe’s largest country will plunge into a tailspin and likely disintegrate.” It starts to look like he’s right, as Ukraine’s national government is shown to be unable to carry out its most basic function – protecting the security of its citizens – in the east. 28 more words

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AFTONBLADET.SE REPORTS – The Eurovision Song Contest is not political we hear over and over again. But the crisis on Crimea between Russia and Ukraine will effect this year’s competition when it comes to the voting part. 296 more words