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US-Russia Relations: The Problem of Intellectual Insincerity

By Matthew Crosston
February 1, 2015
New Eastern Outlook

There are numerous think tanks, both in the United States and Russia, which are deeply concerned about the state of Russian-American relations. 981 more words


Victoria Nuland at Brookings. Think Tank supporting Wealth, Power and Global Warfare

By Stephen Lendman
February 01, 2015
Global Research

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland is one of many hardcore neocons infesting Obama’s administration. 1,403 more words


Ukrainian Government: “No Russian Troops Are Fighting Against Us”. Sanctions against Russia based on Falsehoods

By Eric Zuesse
February 1, 2015
Global Research

Ukraine’s top general is contradicting allegations by the Obama Administration and by his own Ukrainian Government, by saying that no Russian troops are fighting against the Ukrainian Government’s forces in the formerly Ukrainian, but now separatist, area, where the Ukrainian civil war is being waged. 408 more words

Human Rights

Art Roundup - February 2015

Man, the months sure do speed by. This month begins with the tragic news of the conflagration at a huge library in Moscow that destroyed well nigh on a million documents. 244 more words


Gorbachev warns Ukraine could ignite World War III

By Niles Williamson
January 31, 2015
World Socialist Web site

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, accused the United States Thursday of initiating a new Cold War with Russia and expressed fears that the conflict could escalate into a nuclear Third World War. 1,069 more words


Russia from Tatiana

Here’s another cute matching postcard and stamp set from Tatiana! I laughed out loud reading Tatiana’s letter where she explained to me how “Herring under a fur coat” is popular in Russia at New Year. 62 more words