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#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – Nov.21 – Russia is preparing a new package of documents for the Netherlands’ commission investigating the crash of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight Tass reported.  59 more words


Study says that there's grounds for our 'lunacy'

“Contrary to the widespread public health depiction of AIDS denialists as totally irrational, our study suggests that some of those who become AIDS denialists have sufficiently reasonable grounds to suspect that “something is wrong” with scientific theory, because their personal experience contradicts the unitary picture of AIDS disease progression.” Read more.


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Oct 29 from Valentine

Valentine said this is a postcard of Olympic Sochi. There’s a long article in Russian printed on the backside. I can’t read it. 8 more words


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Oct 22 from Kate

Kate lives in far east of Russia. She has a cat Lisa and a dog Kuzma. She loves the music of Andrei Gubin, a Russian singer, but unfortunately he no longer performs on stage. 23 more words


Strange 'explosion' turns night to day in the Urals

A huge flash lit up the early evening darkness, as shown by images taken from a dashcam on a road close to Yekaterinburg. The sky suddenly turns orange-red at 17.39 local time (though the dashcam records it as 18.39).

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Russia, China plan joint naval drills in Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean in 2015

After talks with his Chinese counterpart, the Russian defense minister, Army Gen. Sergei Shoigu, recalled that in May 2014 the two countries successfully held their third consecutive naval exercise, Maritime Cooperation, which saw the two countries’ sailors training as part of mixed squadrons of ships for the first time.

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