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First S-500 missile complex to be put on combat alert in central Russia

First combat package of the S-500 antiaircraft and anti-ballistic missile system will shield Moscow City and the regions around it, traditionally referred to in this country as Central Russia, reporters were told Wednesday by the Commander of Air Defense and Anti-Missile Defense branch of Russia’s Aerospace Defense Troops, Major General Adrei Demin. 148 more words

Moving to Russia... Part Two

So far I have mastered the art of “Spasiba (sorry), I am English”, not making eye contact on the Metro, and finding the best price for large bags of pasta. 566 more words

Can Russia Ban McDonalds

As part of the animosity between Russia and really, the rest of the world, they have started the process of banning McDonalds. I don’t actually think it will be a bad thing for them. 338 more words


Today America Needs Our Help, From Everyone

It sickens me to see the Russian, French and Iranian media condemning the United States of America as being no better than a terrorist country because of the upheaval and demonstrations in Ferguson. 422 more words

Newcastle Vice-Captain On His Way Out of Toon?

Newcastle United vice-captain, Cheick Tiote, is rumoured to be on the verge of a deal with Lokomotiv Moscow.  264 more words

Newcastle United


I am not a Marxist or a Bolshevist but you can not deny that Soviet music is beautiful. Just like Capitalism, Marxism is a vulgar economically reductionist ideology but Capitalism seems to far more destructive towards the folk culture of a people and the high culture of a civilization. 


Understanding Events in Ukraine, p. XIII.

Putin is Kaputin’

Western columnist lectures Russia, Kremlin and Putin how to deal with Washington!

Lecturing Kremlin to no avail

The Kremlin elites are lost generation, nothing good will come out from them. 765 more words