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45 headlines of The New York Times featured Ukraine in last three months

While working on my research on agenda setting effects in Ukraine, I have collected The New York Times headlines featuring Ukraine during last three months. Through the analysis of… 498 more words


RUSSIA: Choice

Introspect is a series of posts where I document my personal findings qualitatively on cultural trends that I encounter whilst on my year abroad.

We live in an era of choice. 434 more words


Eurovision 2014: Russia

With only a handful of artists left to present until we know the full line up for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest we have a look at the country which is undoubtedly to raise an eyebrow or two this year; time to get to know the Russian participants. 


Op-Ed: The POST "Post Cold War" Era in Europe

April 24, 2014 | Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine reflects neither strategic wisdom nor military strength. In fact, it reflects just the opposite. 2,995 more words

United States

Kasyanov: Putin will not attack Ukraine

According to Mikhail Kasyanov, quoted in an interview for VoA’s Ukrainian service, Putin is not going to attack Ukraine, and is using his troops on the border and acts of sabotage inside Ukraine as a form of blackmail to gain recognition for Russia’s control of Crimea, the payment of Ukraine’s gas debt, Russian as Ukraine’s second state language, and changes to the country’s constitution. 47 more words


Easter Five

Easter Five
April 22, 2014

Who died?

Christians just celebrated the death and resurrection of a man called Jesus. History has revealed that a man named Jesus did live and was from Nazareth. 1,163 more words

Russia and Urkaine - trouble at t'mill

Trouble continues to stir in Easter Ukraine. Russian speaking informal militias are occupying buildings and urban areas in open defiance of Kiev, which is showing great reluctance to use violence in response. 550 more words