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17/1/1915 Sarikamish: Turkey counts the cost

The battle of Sarikamish is over. The Turks had hoped to seize this key Russian town, but instead they have suffered a terrible defeat. Now the survivors have limped back over the mountains. 199 more words

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On This Day... Jan 1915

January 17, 1915 – The initial Turkish offensive into Russia is thwarted as the Turkish 3rd Army suffers a defeat by the Russian Army of the Caucasus near Kars. 70 more words

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9/1/1915 Enver leaves for the capital and blames the disaster on the Armenians

The Turks marched to attack Sarikamish in the hope of winning a decisive victory. Now they are struggling to avoid total defeat. They have retreated from the Russian controlled city and are… 239 more words

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Russia Assembles "Foreign Legion" as men from abroad allowed to serve in Russian army

RIA Novosti / Alexandr Kryazhev

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree which lets foreign citizens serve in the Russian army as contractors. 188 more words

2/1/1915 Sarikamish: Russia counterattacks

Ismail Enver, Turkey’s Minister of War, has lead a large Turkish army against Russian forces concentrated at Sarikamish, gateway to the Caucasus. He had hoped to emulate the Germans at… 112 more words

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1/1/1915 Russia begs for help against Turkey, fighting at Sarikamish continues

News of the fighting at Sarikamish reaches St. Petersburg. However, reports of the action are based on the panic-stricken early response of the Russian high command in the Caucasus, who greatly over-estimated the Turkish strength and saw the enemy’s thrust as unstoppable. 94 more words

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