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30/9/1914 [Eastern Front] Germany bails out Austria

German troops have served a sound thrashing to Russian forces who tried to invade East Prussia. The Austro-Hungarian army has been less fortunate, suffering a series of defeats in battles in Galicia. 54 more words


24/9/1914 [Galicia] Russia begins the siege of Przemysl

The Russians now begin their siege of the Austro-Hungarian fortress town of Przemysl. They also send troops on after the rest of the Austro-Hungarian army, which is retreating in disorder over the Carpathians. 19 more words


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"Pantzir", "Buk" and the Su-34: offer to strengthen troops in Crimea

To guarantee full-fledged and self-sufficient military forces in the Crimea there will be necessary a comprehensive militarization: combat air force and navy, as well as placement of air defense systems “Pantzir”, “Tor” and “Buk”, experts say. 84 more words

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Russia to hold air exercises in the Arctic

Fighters, bombers, transport and army aviation of the Western Military District will be involved in tactical flight exercises in the Arctic region, said head of the press service of the district Oleg Kochetkov. 101 more words

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17/9/1914 [Galicia] The Austrians make a stand at Przemysl

A curious pattern has emerged in the East. The fighting in East Prussia has shown that the Germans can easily defeat the Russians. But in Galicia, the Russians have been able to inflict a series of defeats on the Austro-Hungarians. 150 more words


Over coming years Russian Air Force units to receive more than 300 new-generation radar stations

In the coming years Air Defense units included in the Aerospace Defense Forces and Air Forces of the Russian Federation, will get more than 300 new-generation radar stations, said head of the air and missile defense command, Major-General Andrei Demin. 73 more words

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