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Female lieutenant in Medical Services, 1944-45

Female lieutenant in Medical Services of the Soviet army, 1944-45. Medal for Courage, two Medals for Battle Merit, Medal “For the Defence of the Caucasus”.

History Of Russia

12/12/1914 Austria pushes back Russia

The Russians are gamely resisting the Austro-Hungarian counter-attack in Galicia, but the fighting is not going their way. Austro-Hungarians under General Boroevic recapture the mountain passes leading into Hungary and force a Russian retreat. 50 more words


Carrying wounded soldiers

A rather strange picture for today, found in an Italian book. These Russian prisoners are carrying wounded German soldiers, but the context doesn’t help to understand why these men had to carry these wounded men. 11 more words


9/12/1914 Austria strikes back against Russia

Things are once more going badly for the Austro-Hungarians in Serbia. But this is not the only front on which they are fighting. Their chief of staff, General Conrad, has ordered an offensive in the Carpathian Mountains against the Russians. 134 more words


Tuesday, December 8, 1914 - How the German Army Captured Lodz

The Daily Missoulian (Missoula, Montana) (morning edition)

Details of the German success capturing the Polish city of Lodz are reported on the front page of… 257 more words

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