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Express train to fantasy land

A common response to any criticism of Putin’s policies as of late is that Putin’s popularity has increased significantly and most people are supporting the government in its stance on Ukraine. 487 more words

MH-17...searching for the truth

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

On July 17th another Malaysian plane…MH-17… went down but this time it was different. Different than MH-370 in that this one did indeed crash. 1,739 more words

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Examination of Territorial Issues in Pre-World War One Europe

With World War One having started 100 years ago this week I decided that it would be appropriate to posts portions of my thesis: The Pacific Seas Region: Primed for Conflict? 2,373 more words

Austro-Hungarian Empire

100th Anniversary of World War 1 or The Great War

The 100th anniversary of start of World War I (The Great War or The First World) will be on July 28th.  In 1914, one assignation of… 723 more words


"Common Murderer, Ordinary Thug": Putin Is Trying To Reconstruct The Russian Empire

After the bloody suppression of a patriotic demonstration in Warsaw in 1861, Alexander Herzen wrote to Tsar Alexander II: “You have become a common murderer, an ordinary thug.” He also described the Russian press as “shameless” and “unscrupulous.” 514 more words


A Tale of Two Ukraines

Imperialism and the Impact of Boundaries on Ukrainian nation-building.

By Matthew Burkard

While nowadays we tend to understand the Ukrainian nation as being synonymous with the Ukrainian state, this was not always the case. 1,099 more words