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The Man Who Would Be Stalin

Vladimir Putin has delusions of being Joseph Stalin. (Not Adolf Hitler; that’s wrong on several levels.)

Addressing the Duma Thursday, he blamed all Russia’s problems on the West. 178 more words


The Battle of All Time ~ A guest post by Erik Von Norden

Erik Von Norden joins The Freelance History Writer with a delightful summary of how the world arrived at the current yearly calendar. Erik is a practicing attorney living in the north woods of Vermont, USA. 1,053 more words

Early Modern History

Tsarist Symbol Returns To Winter Palace

My friends, this story makes me so happy. You probably know by now that I am an ardent admirer of all things imperial Russia, so the news that the double-headed eagle that used to grace the tower at the Winter Palace, St. 145 more words


Great Union Day

I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts that I wish the school systems could teach more Eastern European history in high school. If I could have had just a simple, working knowledge of the principalities and small nations, I would have been inspired to learn more about them, earlier in life. 790 more words


I Finished Watching 'Admiral'. Now What?

Remember when I blogged the other day that I was almost finished with the Russian TV series Admiral? Well, after watching two episodes last night, I am now finished with it. 303 more words


Collapse of the Soviet Union:

While the USSR itself ceased to exist, many communist politicians either remained in power or continued to play an active role in their country’s politics. The revolutions were made possible not because of external forces (the US didn’t defeat communism, as it is often claimed) but because the communist party began to lose faith in itself. 804 more words


BOOK REVIEW: The Last Days of the Romanovs: Tragedy at Ekaterinburg by Helen Rappaport

This powerful account of the Romanovs’ internment and regicide at “The House of Special Purpose” at Ekaterinburg, July 1918, is compelling, evocative, and horrifying. I suspect that Rappaport’s book on this ghoulish event is the most meticulously researched and accurate account of the Bolshevik’s liquidation of Czar Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra, and their five children. 261 more words

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