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Ukrainian Orthodox priest of Moscow Patriarchate addresses Orthodox 'brothers' in Russia

Hello. My name is Ihor Hryhola. I am a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. I would like to address those citizens of the so-called “Russian World” who are eager to save Ukraine from Banderites and other “bad guys.” 915 more words


Kramatorsk residents want Ukraine to demonstrate power

A message from Kramatorsk:

Kyiv is receiving information that is absolutely distorted.

In reality, most of the residents of the city have an active pro-Ukrainian position, and help our military, and are holding a ‘For Ukraine!’ rally today with national symbols. 244 more words


Three pro-Russian assailants killed during an operation against a military base in Mariupol

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that the police in Mariupol “had conducted an operation to localize a gang of 300 assailants.”

During the night of April 16-17, unidentified armed attackers stormed military base 3057. 296 more words


Maidan vs Pro-Russian Protests: Find the differences

Despite some outside similarity between two Ukrainian protests – the Maidan and the so-called separatist demonstrations in eastern Ukraine now taking place, they are radically different, starting with the fact, that pro-Russian/separatist protests almost entirely lacked the peaceful phase, say political scientists. 459 more words


Russian terrorist-saboteur numbers grow in Donetsk Oblast

The number of Russian terrorist-saboteurs in Donetsk Oblast is steadily growing, says territory is growing on, Interfax Ukraine reports Vasyl Krutov, the leader of SBU Anti-Terrorist Center as saying. 314 more words


Russia, Ukraine, Pro-Russian Militia Show Their Military Muscle

Ukrainian servicemen look at a Ukrainian military jet fly above them while they sit on top of armoured personnel carriers in Kramatorsk April 16, 2014.   1,021 more words

Russian Subversion Group Communication Leak From Sloviansk, Eastern Ukraine - VIDEO with subs

The Security Service of Ukraine has wiretapped the conversation of the Russian subversion group in Sloviansk with their leadership.

The SBU uploaded this audio on its Youtube channel. 981 more words