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Detective story is not my favourite literary genre, but it happens sometimes (quite seldom!) that having started reading one, I can’t stop until I’ve finished a dozen of books one after the other. 476 more words


Since the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines jet over a month ago, there have been countless conspiracy theories about it including that ridiculous one that claims it was abducted by aliens and another ridiculous one that Americans hijacked it because of the large number of Chinese nationals on board from whom they plan to extract vital intel on their country whose economic progress is unsettling the US. 480 more words


Those Wacky Russians

Today I was going to regale you with tales of my culinary expertise, ranging from my curious tendency to burn everything up to and including cereal to my even more curious ability construct sandwiches that taste a great deal like batteries (probably best not to ask).  427 more words

Postcards from Moscow - Part I

Soviet apartment block

Young militia men coming home from training

Army band plays outside a Moscow station

Artist Boris Parkhunov shows his latest work entitled “The Life Cycle” 7 more words


[VIDEO] The Hammer: 'Obama Doesnt Even Understand That Putin's Winning'

Charles Krauthammer said President Obama’s approach to foreign policy shows that his view of human nature is lacking.

“He has trouble understanding that other countries have national interests,” he said. 207 more words

Maria's Story: "I Know How To Survive" - The History of An Unforgotten War: Simontornya (Part Two)

Her name was Maria. She was quietly waiting in the Simontornya railway station for the train to Budapest. She sat on a bench in the station lobby passing the time with a Sudoku puzzle. 1,656 more words

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