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Rust in peace: Renault Express

We photographed this Renault Express in a tiny town located in the lower Alps.  The license plate is not original so we can’t tell precisely when it was first registered but it is a first-gen model, meaning it was built between 1985 and 1991. 202 more words


Rust in peace: Renault 14 TL

We unexpectedly found this late-1970s Renault 14 TL in a local junkyard while looking Citroën Saxo parts. We were surprised to see it in the yard because 14s are few and far between and, believe it or not, it actually looked fairly clean from 200 yards away.


Rust in peace: Pontiac Chieftain station wagon

We shot this second-generation Pontiac Chieftain station wagon just down the trail from the 1955 Plymouth Savoy and the 1963 Chevrolet Impala we featured last year. 200 more words


"I'll Be There" - Megadeth

It goes without saying that I even take Risk-era Megadeth over Metallica of pretty much any era. Not that I don’t enjoy some Metallica sometimes, but overall, Megadeth is just…better. 199 more words

I'll Be There

Rust in peace: Datsun 210

We photographed the 1977 Datsun 210 pictured below at the far end of a self-service junkyard in northern Utah. Time has not been kind to the 210, leaving it dented, unspeakably rusty and partially dismantled.


Hangar 18

“Hangar 18″ by Megadeth is my favorite metal song of them all.  I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, yet somehow it never gets old.  What makes this song so great?   360 more words


Single Of The Week: Steroidhead by Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman may be one of the most recognizable names in Megadeth lore because of the fact that he was a guitarist on some of the most iconic releases Megadeth had from… 181 more words