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Automotive archaeology: Volkswagen Golf (mk2)

Late last year, a colossal amount of wood and other miscellaneous debris washed up on the coast near San Remo, Italy, following a couple of bad storms. 333 more words


Rust in peace: Fiat 238

We photographed the Fiat 238 pictured below on a quick trip to the Alps a couple of weeks ago. It’s sitting almost right in the middle of a small village that we’ve driven through countless times over the past few years but we didn’t notice it until we spent the night in a nearby hotel. 221 more words


Rust in peace: Citroën 2CV6 Spécial

2CV prices have been steadily rising for the past couple of years, making it harder and harder to find one that’s been all but abandoned in a field, a junkyard, someone’s yard or a barn. 220 more words


Rust in peace: Mercedes-Benz 190D (w201)

Generally speaking, when we come across a run-down car on private property the best we can do is to take a picture over the fence. The Mercedes-Benz 190D (w201) pictured below is different because it’s more or less owned by a good friend. 261 more words


Rust in peace: BMW 1602

We photographed this BMW 1602 at a self-service junkyard in Salt Lake City, Utah, last month. The car was fairly picked over because it had been on the lot for a few weeks by the time we took the pictures but it looked like it was more or less complete inside and out when it was shipped off to the yard. 158 more words


Rust in peace: Renault 4CV

Tipped off by a friend, we hiked through the hills on the outskirts of Marseille, France, to find the Renault 4CV pictured below. This 4CV has been totally stripped inside and out but we can tell that it was built between 1951, when a bowtie-shaped instrument cluster was introduced, and 1954, when all 4CVs got three chromed slats up front instead of six. 174 more words


Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

This early 1960s Volkswagen Beetle turned up last month at a self-service junkyard in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a surprising find – you still occasionally see Super Beetles from the 1970s in junkyards but most 50-year old examples are saved for parts or as projects unless they’re horrifyingly rough. 280 more words