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Install RVM ( Ruby Version Manager ) in Ubuntu 12.04 Linux for Ruby

Let’s install Ruby Using RVM…

Removing Ubuntu’s old rvm and ruby

First of all lets clean-up little bit.

As i know Ubuntu editions comes with a version of RVM but unfortunately it doesn’t work correctly, so what we are going to do is that we will clean-up old stuffs if there is any! 190 more words

Wetting with RoR and Sublime ;)

Finally I’m going to start work on RoR. After spending one and a half month on CodeIgniter i.e php framework, I’m going to work on something new, something more powerful, something that I never experienced before. 577 more words


Harnessing the human body’s natural analgesic for pain relief: palmitoylethanolamide: painkiller via descending brainarea's

Palmitoylethanolamide is a natural painkiller. There are many mechanisms via which PEA excerts its analgesic actions. One mechanism becoming more in the forus of neurobiology is via the inhibition of the spinal system through various brain area’s: 155 more words

JRuby install woes

Several times over the last few weeks I have attempted to install JRuby on my MacBook Pro (running 10.9.4). I wanted to try JRuby after I started investigating the… 381 more words


rbenv - Ruby version manager

rbenv is an alternative to rvm for managing your Rubies. You can find some articles comparing the two. In general, rbenv is more lightweight without overriding the cd and gem command which rvm does and their similarities outweigh their differences. 180 more words


eBook: Rails Deep Dive

Link: Rails Deep Dive

Editorial Reviews

This e-book (pdf format only) will focus on setting your system up properly (for those systems that support it) and will fly a little lower than the typical 50,000 foot level of many tutorials. 207 more words

Uninstall rvm

I would like to try the rbenv to manage my ruby version.

GitHub – sstephenson/rbenv

So i need to uninstall the rvm on macbook air. This could be done by simply executing: 30 more words