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Eviscerating Yugoslavia: KLA Heroin, Rwandan Genocide & Phony Racak

Part four of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The Kosovo/Albania Golden Triangle… 2,396 more words

Dean Henderson

Societal Categorization, Identity Conflict and The Rwandan Genocide

In discussion a couple of weeks ago, we attempted to come up with a definition for identity. Throughout this activity, we began discussing the difference between self-identification and societal identification. 504 more words

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[Lack of] International Response to the Rwandan Genocide

By Sriya Chadalavada

This weekend, I traveled to Charlottesville to participate in UVA’s Model UN Conference where I was the CEO of the private sector of Rwanda. 569 more words

Model United Nations

Canada's Role in the Coalition: a New Role

Woman with a Spray of Flowers, Safavid Iran, 1575 CE (Photo credit: mesosyn.com)

I have updated my last post. I wanted to make it very clear that I understood the Canadian Parliament’s decision to enter the Coalition fighting Isis. 1,368 more words


She Is A Princess! The world deserves to know!

If you have visited my blog more than once, I’m sure you have met my siblings that I honorably call my children. This is not by coincidence. 1,115 more words


Rwanda and the Criminalisation of International Justice: Anatomy of War Crimes Trials

By Christopher Black

Global Research, October 19, 2014

 The Nato ordered indictment of Muammar Gadaffi by the International Criminal Court (ICC) during the Nato attack on Libya in 2011 echoed the indictment of President Milosevic by International Criminal Tribunal For Yugoslavia, during the Nato attack on Yugoslavia in 1999.

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Western Hegemony