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Blueprints of the Afterlife, by Ryan Boudinot

Blueprints of the Afterlife is a strange beast; after finishing, I was left with a confused sense of what had happened. The author takes the reader on a journey back and forth in the time-line of the plot and I was left with a certainty that much of the action that takes place does not reside in what we would commonly term ‘reality.’ Portions of the novel are set in a time before an apocalyptic event, and other sections occur in the confines of a quantum computer network. 454 more words

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The Writers Are Coming

    When I opened this week’s Sunday Seattle Times, the first thing I saw was a big color ad for commemorative Super Bowl 48 bookends. Fully sculpted, cold-cast bronze, showing “Seahawks players in action!” Not available in stores! 649 more words