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Thank Deadpool It's Friday

So this happened…

DEADPOOL – Official Test Footage Ryan… by movietrailerz

Deadpool Omnibus

Also it has been a year since the greatest Deadpool run was realeased fully in an Omnibus. 217 more words

So Nerdy It Hurts

Leaked Deadpool Footage Is Legit

Some of you may be aware of the Deadpool footage that was leaked a few days ago featuring Ryan Reynolds as our favourite smart-mouthed anti-hero. Blur Studio’s have now confirmed that the footage was indeed real and have released the clip in HD. 45 more words

Pop Culture

High Quality Test Footage Of That Proposed Ryan Reynolds 'Deadpool' Film

I’ve literally never read an issue of ‘Deadpool’ but I am aware of the character and how terribly he was mishandled in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. Ryan Reynolds seemed like a natural fit for the character but everything about that film was like a rusty coat hanger abortion. 54 more words


Leaked Deadpool Footage is a Blur - LeMaire Lee

For the past 5 years the idea of a Deadpool movie has enticed fans imaginations. That news has been all, but confirmed with the “leak” of the 3D Deadpool animatic. 323 more words


Why Fox Isn't Making A Deadpool Movie... And Why They Absolutely Should

I was going to link to the hi-res Deadpool test footage that got loose, but it’s already been taken down by Fox again. Of course there’s absolutely no sense to taking it down; it does absolutely no harm to their brand and only raises awareness of the concept, which would be beneficial to them in deciding whether to actually greenlight the movie. 816 more words


Leaked Batman v Superman & Deadpool Footage Looks Awesome!

By: Mark Shea

The lawbreakers of the world leaked the Batman v Superman teaser trailer that debuted at Comic-Con as well as Deadpool test footage that was apparently about three years old. 749 more words

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Deadpool Test Footage leaked (and it's freaking amazing!)

A test footage, created in 2011, has Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Tim Miller as a director. If you have not seen it yet, you better rush to it, because FOX is already taking down the videos (so get moving!) 36 more words