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Where Should Ryan Kesler Be Traded?

For the 4th straight season, Vancouver Canucks center, Ryan Kesler’s point production has declined. Which of course, in the hockey world, means that he needs new scenery. 1,300 more words



Ryan planted our garden, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out this year.


Michael Pineda Caught with Foreign Substance...Again

Seriously?  Again?  Really not sure how Pineda thought he wouldn’t get caught.  After having what was clearly pine tar on his hand the last time he faced the Red Sox, he had to know he would be on double secret probation for this game, but no comprendo for Michael.   114 more words


Nickel Creek

The last few weeks have been busy. I can’t help but enjoy how busy spring can be. I feel so rejuvenated after a few minutes outside. 121 more words


April 23, 1994 - Saturday - 10:45 p.m.

It is taking everything in me not to burst out in tears.

I did not see Tenielle nor Jenna, they did not read the letter I wrote yesterday in my journal.   670 more words

Ryan - week two reflection

Now I think my idea is the biggest problem later on 10years my search is very good and I found all of the population from each country and the problems was very obvious the worst happen is big place gets less people and small place gets more people by the way some of the country still has almost half way of the forest that hasn’t work it thought so that means those place are still very empty, my search of them India and China is the worst place that is getting expand even the government is trying to control the breed by the people.

Genius Hour

Adventures in Dating

So I did something last night that I HATE doing, and I HATE having it done to me.  Yet I still continued to do it the entire night.  718 more words