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Hey ya’ll doin’?  My name is Rylee and Ah’m ah Lab/Hound mix from Loo-sianah who came here with Diesel.  Ah’m a lil over a year old, and Ah’m ah real, real sweet girl!   440 more words



Hey humans, ma name is Diesel.  Ah’m a 3 year ol’ Pit Bull mix who came here from Shreveport, Loo-sianah wit anoder dog, Rylee.  Ah lak her a lot, an’ she’s mah roommate here at HSGKC, but we don’t gotta go to ah home together, but Ah’d lak that.   279 more words


Interview - Rylee Mckenzie And Simply Famous Quarter Horses

At just 25 years old, Rylee Mckenzie has quite the resume. The 2003 Canadian Permit Winner qualified for her first CFR in 2011 and also qualified for the Wilderness Circuit Finals. 1,177 more words