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Best Friends and Broken Hearts - Part II

Yet as much fun as I had with S*, what I loved most about him, and what I loved most about myself,  was our big hearted spirit that radiated within us and flourished our tendency to connect who we knew with the things we loved to do.

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S max pain $6.00 expiration Saturday 09/20/2014

The max pain strike for stock S and expiration Saturday 09/20/2014 is $6.00. Highest put open interest is 6.00. Highest call open interest is 6.00. Put-Call ration is 0.60. 12 more words


Lirik Sarah Saputri - Aku Dan Kamu Satu ( Manusia Harimau)

Berikut lirik lagu Aku Dan Kamu Satu (Ost.  Manusia Harimau) – Sarah Saputri :

Saatnya kata-kata
Tak perlu di ucapkan
Hanyalah mata yang bicara
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She told me shadows are the only thing we’re able to recover from our past lives. She laughed bitterly then stepped on her shadow,”that’s why they’re dark, they’re a reflection of our sins.” 46 more words

What Will the Next 100 Years Hold

I’m unlikely to live for 100 years but even in my short 75 years I have seen immense changes. Who could have imagined the internet, flat screen TV’s, Satellites, Iphones and the advances in medicine,  the list goes on and on. 376 more words


johnlink ranks SPACE JAM (1996)

I somehow managed to go nearly twenty years without seeing SPACE JAM. But we had a family movie night tonight and my son picked it (with much prodding from my wife). 467 more words

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Leica S Type 007

The Leica S (Type 007) is the newest top model of the Leica S medium-format system. Described a “logical development,” it features a number of “radically new” components, such as the Leica CMOS sensor and the Leica Maestro II image processor, and offers the highest burst rate, extreme sensor sensitivity and comprehensive capture modes, plus video. 471 more words

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