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Mercedes AMG Classics

I just want to recommend a cool little forum:

There is not that much traffic there, but the quality of the content is high. Some really cool cars there as well, I especially like this one: 19 more words


1980 Mercedes-Benz 300TDT

I bought this really nice 300TDT over the weekend. According to the odometer it has run 196 000 km, which is very low for a turbo diesel wagon in norway. 69 more words


Next steps in my 280TE project

The underside and the engine bay is now more or less finished. I will probably continue the main parts of this project next year. I am eager to start working on something else for a while. 383 more words


Final ride height

After rolling the fender flares, I decided that the ride height was way too low with the H&R springs. So I decided to use the original springs instead, but shorten them one cm to get the car two cm lower than it was before this whole project started. 59 more words


Rolling the fender flares

When I got the car back on the wheels, the tires was almost touching the fender flares. I tried driving the car, but the front tires where rubbing against the fenders all the time, so the car was undrivable. 212 more words


Some new hoses

Two hoses needed to be reneved on my car. The first was the hose for the oil pressure gauge. On my car, this was a custom made solution with a nylon hose going from the oil filter to the gauge in the instrument cluster. 154 more words


The coils and their final position

This is what the engine looks like with the coils in their final position, with all the wires connected

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