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Drag International S15 - Twin Turbo RB26 Power under testing!

With the summer break coming to an end we are getting ready to take flight in the S15 with its new Twin Precision Turbo RB26! At 2.6L we are surely testing the limits of this capacity. 45 more words


Village Ice Cream Cruise August 10, 2014

So Mark and I were reunited again At Henry’s wedding back in July with a few other good friends. Decided to have a small get together at Village Ice Cream and take a small cruise around town. 189 more words

The Story of "Flying Chicken"

On my last post I mentioned the nickname of Nissan Silvia Series back in HongKong – The Flying Chicken. Later I thought it might be a interesting topic to extent a bit here as an individual post. 242 more words


Suzuki Under Nissan Silvia S15 with new aero

The new aero on the S15 build by Suzuki Under is crazy, not sure about the laptimes yet but I will keep you posted.


The art of drifting

“Drifting is like a roller coaster. You’re on the edge of control but that control can be lost at anytime. Drifting is freedom and is one sure fire way to be able to know your car and what it can really do.

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