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It feels like an S2000 day.

It feels like an S2000 day. #Honda #S2000 #CR #JDM

Photo by Flickr User ADRs2k


Farewell S2000

She said:

I sold my beloved Honda S2000 last night after seven years of ownership. This was my dream car for quite some time. The only one I could afford was an import and no one would insure a 23 year old girl. 593 more words


Cool Blue S2

Usually when you see track cars, they’re usually filled with battle scars or scrapes and scratches, but this S2k is an incredible exception. As you can see below, I love how this S2k gets tracked out while looking clean as fuck. 28 more words


November 8, 2014 - Sequoia National Park

Being as adventurous as we are, my girlfriend and I decided to get away from OC for part of the weekend.  Friday, late afternoon, we made our way to Bakersfield to check-in at the Padre hotel where we would be staying at before heading to Sequoia National Park the next day.   112 more words


There are cars out there that just seems pretty basic and simple at a quick glance, but when you take a more detailed look into the vehicle, there is actually a lot of work that’s put into it. 69 more words


Widebody S2000 x Widebody NSX

Decided to go with a straight forward but eye-catching title for this post lol. These two beautiful widebodies are actually owned by one owner, believe it or not. 51 more words