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The Spidey S2K

Still experimenting with the light painting, I had the chance to shoot a few of super clean cars in the area. Here are a few of the pictures that came out. 28 more words

A Pop of Blue

Aggressively simple is how I’d describe this S2k. The Amuse front end is almost always a staple on clean S2000s, but those F Zero Blue Advan RS are definitely neck-breakers. 24 more words


Impromptu Shoot : 3/30/14

I haven’t been shooting much lately and I had some free time this past weekend, so………..took my own car out for a shoot! Keep in mind, this was very last minute and it was a random location that I just pulled into, so I did the best I could.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive


Wide & Sexy.....Again

Since I started this blog, there’s been only a handful of cars that I repost simply because new photos of them were taken… This is one of them. 43 more words


The Infamous Canadian

This S2000 is probably one of the most well known modified cars in Canada and for good reasons, I mean you just take one look at it and you’d literally fall in love. 33 more words


Topdown Meet 3-14-14 Recap

A week ago, we had our first meet in a LONG TIME! We started the meet back in 2006 and use to have it every two weeks. 414 more words


Simplicity in Black

Simple and clean cars are definite staples on MoMoHitsTheSpot! and this super clean Berlina Black S2k is a prime example. I love the fit of the TE37SLs on this car but the ultra rare Mugen half lip definitely needs time to get use to IMO… 6 more words