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Updates, updates, updates . . .

Prepare yourselves . . . this post is going to be chockfull of updates. It’s also (likely) going to run long, but it’s been about a month and a half since my last post so there are all sorts of things to talk about. 1,622 more words


Music at the speed of flash

If you’re a techie like the members of the Bandtrace team you might be interested in hearing Bandtrace CEO Tommy Wassgren talk about how the Bandtrace website is hosted in the cloud on SSD-based storage.


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Rumoured Galaxy S6 details leak with AnTuTu benchmark #Samsung by @TechNewsIreland

Another day, another leak from the gigantic boat of Samsung, and this one is no less interesting from the previous.

Specs have leaked for Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6, the phone is supposedly going to sport: 137 more words

Purported Samsung Galaxy S6 "Project Zero" specs leak in AnTuTu benchmark

Every year when any company’s new flagship is around the corner, benchmarks for what are assumably prototypes of those devices tend to pop up on phone benchmark websites months before they see any kind of official announcement. 330 more words


Karbonn Launched Titanium S6,Titanium S8 and Titanium S4 Plus Android 4.4 Smartphones At Rs 7,800, Rs 6,147 and Rs 3,999

The new Karbonn smartphones feature Android 4.4 KitKat and quad-core processors.”

Karbonn has silently launched three new Android smartphones – the Titanium S6, Titanium S8 and Titanium S4 Plus. 172 more words


S6 FGFS | Fuck Around Clips

Found this little gem of some dude’s iPhone fuck around clips posted yesterday and there’s some rad techy X-Up ride combinations in here.


Docker and S6 - My New Favorite Process Supervisor

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how I like to use a process supervisor in my containers, and rattled a few off. I decided I ought to expand a bit on one in particular – … 1,411 more words