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Mergers and Acquisitions: Why they can't work without IT

Companies want to grow in order to secure their market position and so they merge with or take over other companies. However, what most people forget is how the success of such transactions is linked to the IT infrastructure. 533 more words


Why Beckon Beckoned to Me: The Arrival of Marketing Performance Management

In today’s online and mobile world customers are educating themselves about products and services long before any flesh and blood sales persons utters a word. Consumers can easily find their own way to detailed product information, user reviews, professional reviews, demonstration videos, user generated… 904 more words


Azure Storage: Is the Geo Redundant Mode really required?

Microsoft Azure offers different replication modes for Azure Storage. Every mode approximately doubles the costs for a TB of data. During a great workshop with… 437 more words


Is WFM becoming the new HR?

For many years HR practitioners have been fighting among themselves and with their executive management about the value and importance of HR, Talent management and HR technology. 777 more words


The Box IPO - before the end of cloud storage business...

The IPO of BOX was a great success based on several blog posts. In my opinion it was simply the last chance for the company to show value for the investors. 679 more words


How to determine nonprofit software costs

Software is at the heart of so many nonprofit functions. You can’t afford down time. And you don’t want to find out your new system won’t talk to an existing one after its up and running. 488 more words

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