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SF Has An S&M Problem

It’s a Friday night, and I am on the prowl. I’m with my friend Edgar, and we are looking for evidence of the increasing S&M problem among the denizens of America’s startup capital. 1,036 more words


2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

Fantastic 124 slide presentation on the Future of the Cloud.  Excellent analysis, proof points, slide graphics etc.  Definately worth a look if your job depends or is related to Cloud Computing.    70 more words

Cloud Computing

The Real Threats to SaaS Security

Many solutions have developed to protect data and enhance security for SaaS users. However, data breaches are on the rise. The major reason behind this paradox is mistakes by end users and poor technology management, not the lack of secure technology. 549 more words

Cloud Computing elementals: SaaS PaaS IaaS

Cloud computing is the paradigm where we rely on services offered through the internet. It stands on a layered architecture whose primal objective is to encapsulate the different concerns of a complex computational solution; therefore, we can break the problem into smaller individuals. 140 more words

Web Architecture

Nnergix | Data Mining & Forecasting Services for Energy Markets

Nnergix is an innovative company formed by energy industry professionals with a wide range and very solid knowledge based on several years of experience in the energy, electrical market and meteorological field.The main aim of the company is the continuous improvement of our technology in order to offer the best accuracy and the latest state of the art solutions for fields such as meteorology, renewable energy technologies, resource analisys, etc. 12 more words

The Companies: Startups To Watch

QuickSolar|Revolutionizing Solar Estimation, One Rooftop at a Time

QuickSolar allows professionals to quickly and easily design a solar energy system on their customers’ or clients’ rooftops.With minimal user input, you can drag and drop solar panels directly onto almost any roof using Google Maps imagery. 143 more words

The Companies: Startups To Watch

Azure Cost management with resource tagging

Starting with Microsoft Azure teams or small departments often begin with one subscription. When time goes by the subscription contains more and more resources without a simple option to migrate them into new project specific subscriptions. 179 more words