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“I always start a painting with the sky.” –Alfred Sisley pic.twitter.com/vmyjcNzemt

— Saatchi Art (@SaatchiArt) August 30, 2014

Quick bit of twitter browsing yielded this quote by fav Sisley.


Pangaea at the Saatchi

It’s an ant, It’s a spider, Noo.. It’s human skulls, It’s asylum seekers,  It’s art  746 more words


Summer in the city

So I’ve got a few weeks at home before I start my assistantship in Spain. While I’m here I intend to make the most of all things British; the food, the TV, the weather, the shops, my family and my friends. 203 more words


Suffering from a loss of power.

Jenny Saville at the Gagosian Gallery in Brittania St WC1

I remember seeing Saville’s work at the original boundary road saatchi gallery probably about twentyr years ago now. 361 more words


Pangaea: Art and its continents

At first glance, Pangaea seems to make sense. The proposal is to gather Latin American and African new contemporary artists in the same exhibition by using the image of a mega-continent, as it was 270 million years ago. 674 more words

In English

“Pangaea” refers us back some two hundred million years, when the young planet was home to a vast super-continent in which Africa and South America fit snugly together like two jigsaw pieces. 1,036 more words