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Night of the Blessed Holly King

Night of the Blessed Holly King

Come, come, children; 
huddle back to the 
warmth of fire and
smell of sweets 

Come, come, children;
gather before the king… 199 more words


Prayer to the Snow (Gentle & Harsh)

Snow Prayer

Snow, gentle white, I watch you
fall in a dance with gravity
and wind; never do you fight
but follow through, flowing
with the chilled breeze  226 more words


Bless the Old Queen of Winter

Bless the Old Queen of Winter

Great mother of mothers, long have you
seen what there is to see, and heard what
there is to hear.  167 more words


Evergreen, Never Gone

Evergreen (A Prayer)

Evergreen, never gone,
eternal, it seems; immortal
vivids in the greys of the
dark curve of the year–
boughs of pines and firs… 103 more words


What is Yule

“We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.”

-Earl Nightingale-

Long before Christianity, there was the Yule celebration. 499 more words


12 Days of Yule; One--To the Hearth, Thanks

The sky opened up this past week and dropped a heaping batch of wetness. Not just snow, but sleet and rain and ice. Six or more inches stacked up in central New York, with the coating of ice and rain cracking old branches and downing weak boughs. 433 more words


Who is Santa?

Ho, ho, ho!

The booming, jolly voice is recognized nearly the world over. A hefty man in a red suit flies in the sky. He carries a big bag, filled with toys, for all the good boys and girls. 1,024 more words