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First family ride

Today, we did our first family ride on our new trip bikes! It felt great to get on our bikes and finally do a family ride. 256 more words



on my last sunday at church, before my sabbatical began, the church prayed over me in three of our gatherings. i was honored and blessed by this, and jason, my boss, led the praying. 403 more words


City of Dreams

Scene 1

The rear door of a flashing new Mercedes opens wide and a woman in a white skirt stumbles out. She is in her mid 40’s… or 50’s – depending on how accurately one counts the layers of plastic on her face. 791 more words


How Yoda can help your French

The topsy-turvy way many French sentences are structured is a major handbrake for lazy learners like me.

For instance, you can say: “I gave the light sabre to Chewbacca,”  [ 151 more words


what to write

i’m 10 days into my 7 week sabbatical, and my blog looms in front of me, untended and uninspired.

i thought i would have so much to say, learning, resting, adventuring, that i would be cranking out the blog fodder left and right. 190 more words


the big reveal

a little over a year ago, matt and i visited disneyland for our first time together. it was rather traumatic, and we vowed to each other that we would return for our 10th anniversary. 888 more words


A Start to An End

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
Quote from Santiago, a young shepherd on his journey to find his personal legend. 651 more words

Packing, Planning & Purging