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On Doing Good Work and Avoiding Martyrdom in a Capitalist Society

It has been a week and a half since I got back from the East Coast and started the next phase of my sabbatical. The trip east was more vacation than anything, all about re-kindling creativity and zeal for life. 1,388 more words

sitting in the truth

many, many years ago…… when I was having a hard time stomaching my job, I bought a little book for myself called, “don’t sweat the small stuff at work.”  it was hokey, but I thought that I could use a positive spin on things to help me look on the bright side of my days, as things were getting a bit rough.  830 more words

A Very Long Sabbatical

I’ve decided that after this semester’s over (in December), I’m going to take 1-2 years off from school. I’ve been pushing myself very hard for 4 years now (since the fall of 2010) with only one summer break. 757 more words

Standing in place

My sabbatical is not what I expected. My “time off from teaching” has made me feel vulnerable and I am still trying to figure out why. 845 more words

Every seven years is not enough

I remember a time when clergy were not provided any time for spiritual renewal. That is ironic, considering that spiritual renewal is their primary business. If there is any vocation in which one needs to stay spiritually and emotionally present and vital this is the one. 597 more words

Keeping the Sabbath

Recently the sermon topic at church was “Keeping the Sabbath”.  In this sermon the pastor didn’t talk about Sunday being the Sabbath, or that we should spend Sunday in church, but rather he explained that Sabbath is a day of rest.   896 more words

Daily Living

Packing for a trip around the world!

A sabbatical from work, one flight into Bangladesh and a year of my life.

So what first? After the shrieks of excitements, the realisation there would be no ‘9-5′ for months (literally) the only option was to try and reduce all of my worldly possessions into what would become my new home. 263 more words