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If the Bucs had a 1B with 24 HR and 85 RBI . . .

Why in the world would I choose Ike Davis to be the first-baseman on my Fantasy Team today?

Would you be happy with Ike Davis if he had a .783 OPS, a .452 slugging percentage, 24 HR, and 85 RBI? 249 more words

Are the Pirates Actually 6.5 Games Better than the Cardinals?

Fangraphs has an “expected won-loss record” system that they call BaseRuns. And it provides some good news for Pirate fans.

The system is apparently similar to “run differential” winning-percentage expectation formulas, but it seems to be based upon other advanced statistics such as weighted Runs Created Plus, xFIP, and FIP Minus. 176 more words

Martin and Liriano Could be Brought Back with a Payroll of $90 million.

The Pirates payroll is currently $79 million.

Here is how they could bring back both Francisco Liriano and Russell Martin without raising the payroll any higher than $84 million. 225 more words

Stats, Baseball and the Dollar Bill

In the more than 10 months that I have been operating SABERBUCS, I have posted 304 articles. That’s just about one per day. And I expect to continuing writing, not just through the end of the season, but throughout the off-season. 307 more words

Expect Extra-Base Hits Against Cubs Starter Wada

Starting pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada, who will take the mound against the Pirates tonight, has been hit for a .218 Isolated Slugging (ISO) by right-handed hitters this year. 178 more words

The Cost of Moving Pedro to First-Base

Pedro Alvarez provided the Pirates with 3.1 Wins above Replacement Level last season by hitting 36 home runs with a .770 OPS – and playing league-average defense at third-base. 437 more words

What Hitter Was Most Like Ike Davis?

I write a lot about Ike Davis. Probably too much for some. But I like Ike. He is sabermetrically intriguing. So, here I go again. 371 more words