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Farmville? Not Really.

I wrote this letter in response to Sports Illustrated’s infographic on the amount of money guaranteed to MLB players by team.

Dear Sports Illustrated,

I was thrilled when I stumbled across your Futures Market infographic, but was disappointed to learn that MLB teams have such little regard for their farm system. 116 more words


Playing by the Numbers: A Fearless Forecast of the Playoffs

Last post, I talked about the accuracy of hockey’s Pythagorean Theorem in predicting the performance of teams in the regular season. I also discussed how the formula could be used to project playoff results provided an experiment to see if this sabermetric formula could really see the future. 


Can Hockey's Pythagorean Theorem Predict the Playoffs?

Introduced by baseball sabermetrics creator Bill Jamesthe Pythagorean Winning Expectation has become one of the most widely used innovations in the world of sports analytics. 822 more words


Stephen Strasburg's slider

As you may have seen via other media outlets, Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg has been working on a slider throughout Spring Training, and debuted it in his 17 innings so far in 2014. 292 more words


Odds and Ends

Two quickies:

1) forgive me – I only caught the tail end of it, but Greenie was expressing something close to amazement this morning while reading from an article discussing analytics in baseball. 215 more words

Pirate Record vs. Pirate Performance . . . through 12 games

I am eager to start analyzing this season’s statistics, but I have to be patient. The season is only 7.4% of the way along. That’s, obviously, a very small sample size. 179 more words

Mets Announcer Gary Cohen Continues to Attack Sabermetrics, Resisting Advancement in his Own Profession

I love the Mets booth. I think Gary Cohen does a great job calling games, while Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez [^1] offer excellent color commentary. 1,642 more words