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Last Tuesday, In an article titled ‘ Headley Deal Looks Like A Bargain ‘, Paul Casella, writing, on line, for Sports On Earth, on December 15, compared the deal the Red Sox made for third baseman Pablo Sandoval with the deal the Yankees gave to third baseman Chase Headley to keep him in New York. 849 more words

Walking is evil two

A free pass today is not the same as it was 30 years ago, while the Sabrmetricians would like to make you believe that with their methods they can accurately compare different eras in baseball, I kindly beg to differ. 451 more words


White Sox Continue to Impress

The White Sox added a new piece to their 2015 puzzle this morning. Rick Hahn, who already made huge strides to improve his team, signed Melky Cabrera to a 3 year deal. 181 more words

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The Values of Common Golf Statistics

Like most other kids on the golf course, I focused on driving and neglected putting. Whenever I had an especially bad putting performance my dad would say, “drive for show, putt for dough.” I always hated this saying, but now I’m curious–how much, if any, truth is there to this aphorism? 1,158 more words


Walking is evil

As I mentioned in a previous entry I’m a slow type, so naturally I rather walk than run. Walking is in a way a mechanical form of equality; we are more of less the same when we stroll. 386 more words


Do MLB Teams Get What They Pay For?

The Boston Red Sox spent about $47 million more than the league average on their payroll last year. Their 2014 won-loss record, however, was 20 games below average at 71-91. 806 more words

The New and Improved Pedro Alvarez Trade Market

When Pedro Alvarez hit for a .717 OPS in 2014, provided a 0.2 wins below replacement level, and suddenly lost the ability to throw a baseball within the vicinity of first-base, his trade value went down. 176 more words