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Week of July 21, 2014

The answer isn’t (just) steroids/PEDs: Barry Bonds was better than anybody at hitting a baseball.

This is 28-point list of Barry Bonds hitting stats that are hard to imagine, yet it happened. 833 more words


WAR 25, Part VII: The 25 Best MLB Position Players of the 1930′s

I’ve decided to start ranking the best MLB players per decade, using their WAR number. I figured I’d compile all this in an ongoing series, as I couldn’t find anywhere online that ranked players by WAR by decade. 232 more words


Questioning USCF

During a conversation with the Legendary Georgia Ironman he mentioned the importance of a player leaving the “provisional” rating behind and obtaining a “regular” rating. The transference gives the player a little creditability; it is a first step on the path. 987 more words

GOOD NEWS! Liriano has NOT Improved all that much

Francisco Liriano has not pitched a whole lot better in his first two starts since the All-Star break than he did in the first half of the season. 470 more words

Ike Davis IS the Answer at First-Base

Would you be pleased with the production of Pirate first-baseman Ike Davis, if just three more of his fly-outs had gone for Home Runs – and nothing else about his hitting was any different? 1,118 more words

Know your stats: "WAR, what is it good for?" by Leo Tolstoy

WAR (Wins above replacement) is probably one of the best known sabermetric stats around. Although the formula can be abstract at times, WAR in general basically shows how good a player is. 155 more words


The Pirates Do Need a Rightfielder; the one they gave away

Gregory Polanco may well become a perennial All-Star and even win a couple of MVP awards as the Pirates outfielder. He seems to have the talent to become the next Andrew McCutchen. 524 more words