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To Trade or Not to Trade Russell Martin?

I proposed recently that if the Pirates are 6 games behind in the Wild Card Race at the end of this month, they should attempt to trade imminent free agent Russell Martin – since they very likely would be out of playoff contention at that point. 677 more words

The Value of a Closer

Consider this: A reliever with a 4.50 ERA (yes, a stat I don’t like, but . . ) gives up one earned run every two innings. 254 more words

Jerry Seinfeld on Baseball

“I’ve been doing this joke lately, because I turned 60 this year, and people around that age make a bucket list. I made a bucket list, turned the “b” to an “f” and was done with it. 43 more words

WAR 25, Volume 1, Part XIV: The 25 Best MLB Position Players of the 2000′s

I’ve decided to start ranking the best MLB players per decade, using their WAR number. I figured I’d compile all this in an ongoing series, as I couldn’t find anywhere online that ranked players by WAR by decade. 312 more words


10 Days of Javy Baez

It has now been ten games and three series since Javy Baez debuted for the Chicago Cubs. There were high expectations but as with any prospect who comes up, there is an air on uncertainty and the big unknown. 433 more words


Book Review: 'The SABR Baseball List & Record Book' by the Society for American Baseball Research

‘The SABR Baseball List & Record Book’ is one of the most interesting books a baseball stat head can pick up.

First of all, it is thick as hell. 211 more words


The Move to First Base

The Pittsburgh Pirates hope to give Pedro Alvarez’s career a jolt by moving him first base, and they can look to Toronto’s success with rejuvenating Edwin Encarnacion for why the risk is worth the reward. 606 more words