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The Hall of the Damn Good: Progress

My idea for this project stemmed from Bob Costas saying something along the lines of, the hall should have been reserved for true immortals of the game, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, those guys should have a copper plaque hanging in the hall of immortals. 582 more words


Finished Reading: Faster, Higher, Stronger By Mark McClusky

I finished up and I must say that this book, after what seemed to be a slow start, ended up very strong. Chapter 10 entitled The Numbers Game: The Power of Data to Show Us How Our Games Really Work was outstanding. 67 more words


So just who is the GOAT POTUS?

Last month, inspired by a recent blog post in the Washington Post, and more generally the sabermetric revolution in baseball, I set out to sort out who the MVP was. 757 more words


The 'Parks And Recreation' Premiere Had Yet Another Baseball-Themed Easter Egg

Parks and Recreation returned to NBC on Tuesday night with back-to-back episodes that time-jumped into the distant future of 2017. In the latter episode, viewers were treated to a few sports-themed references and television Easter Eggs, which is not surprising if you’re familiar with a portion of the show’s production team made famous by the old… 225 more words


Sabermetrics: Past, Present and Future

I wrote this article as part of a writing class my senior year at The College of New Jersey.  It was originally published on www.mets360.com… 2,726 more words


Can We Create a Better Fantasy Football?

You’ve probably experienced this scenario countless times, or at least seen it on TV: the starting running back has an exceptional run, overpowering opponents with exceptional athleticism, but a lone arm reaches out and grazes against his calf, causing him to stumble down at the one yard line. 562 more words


야구 스탯에 관하여

(이 글은 2014년 2월 27일에 엠네에 올린 글 “야구 스탯을 볼 때 고려할 것들“과 12월 30일에 쓴 “통계는 야구의 핏줄이다“를 합쳐서 재편집하였습니다)

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