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A precious Gem: The Complain of the Ignorant, Ibn Al-Qayyim

source : Al Fawaid (taken from the English translation of the book) p. 134

The ignorant people complain to people about Allaah, and this is the highest degree of ignorance, for if he had known his Lord, he would not have complained about Him, and if he had known the people he would not have complained to them. 288 more words


Ibn al-Qayyim: Patience Preserves the Health of Hearts and Bodies

Ibn al-Qayyim said in The Prophetic medicine regarding patience

Patience is half of faith; for this is a quality composed of patience and gratitude (shukr). As one of the ancestors (salaf) has said: Faith is in two halves: one half patience, one half gratitude. 348 more words


None can withhold the Mercy of Allah

“O Allaah! There is none to prevent what You give, and none to give what You prevent.”  (Al Bukhari 1/255, Muslim 1/414)

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (hafidhahullaah) comments: 328 more words

Eeman Boosters

Separation and Reunion

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I wish I didn’t feel alone in this. I wish I had people to run to whenever I made a mistake. I wish I had someone who wasn’t 1000 miles away. 619 more words

What's beneath the surface?

Sometimes terrible things happen. Businesses fail. Innocents #suffer. Planes filled with people vanish into thin air. To find meaning in these tragedies is a natural #human instinct. 76 more words


Brett Lawrie's Untapped Potential

Ever since the Brewers took Brett Lawrie 16th overall in the 2006 draft nothing but sky high expectations followed him. In pre draft scouting reports scouts said his “power was 70 grade with too much hitting ability to wind up in college. 852 more words

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