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Blood Brothers Ideal Film Cast

So yesterday I went to see Blood Brothers starring Maureen Nolan and Marti Pellow. It was truly phenomenal! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show where the entire audience got up and applauded at the end. 145 more words

'Zero Degrees of Empathy': a review

Stumbling across Jon Ronson’s book - The Psychopath Test – triggered yesterday’s post about psychopaths. To provide more background it seemed a good idea to share a handful of my previous posts on other aspects of this problem. 1,342 more words

Bahá'í Faith

An Entire Town Is Mad At Sacha Baron Cohen For Using So Many 'Fat Ladies' In His Latest Movie

Sacha Baron Cohen is a master at causing a stir with his movies. Just look at his IMDB page, and you’re likely to recall several issues with each of them. 125 more words


Talladega Nights

You can check your brain at the door because you won’t need it to have a laugh. Ricky Bobby (Will Ferell) is America’s number one NASCAR racer who gets knocked down emotionally and professionally when a smooth talking, gay and skilled driver from France named Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen) challenges him for his top spot. 42 more words

Movie Night With Friends Movie

Cosmic Oil - Why Under the Skin Was My Favourite Film of 2014

Under the Skin was my favourite film of the past year. It tells the story of alien who arrives in Scotland. She attempts to blend in but realizes that humans are a confusing, strange bunch. 374 more words


johnlink ranks HUGO (2011)

I’ve been meaning to see HUGO since it came out in theaters. I suppose three years isn’t too bad of a time frame. Being Christmas night the other night, my wife and I were in the mood for a movie with a certain kind of magic. 536 more words

~~~ 2011 ~~~

Behind frenemy lines: Nathan Fielder introduced us to a kinder form of humiliation-for-comedy’s-sake

Cultural Lessons of 2014: As a new calendar year approaches, our writers reflect on what they learned from pop culture over the past 12 months. Here, Carly Lewis on how women killed it on the radio this year. 916 more words