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Students of Concern Committee- The Good, The Bad, The "What The Hell"

Part of my role on campus is to be a member of our university “Students of Concern” committee.  Going into this role I was unsure of the dynamics at play.  521 more words

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Scott's Holiday Movie Breakdown

Tis the season.

Well not really unless you are in retail, but since we are getting closer and there are those signs of the Holiday season all around us I felt that the Blog-iverse could benefit from my love of all things cinematic.  227 more words

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It's Elementary

In honor of Halloween and seeing so many students dressed up in costumes I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and reflect upon my time as an elementary school teacher. 1,130 more words

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What I learned from dancing with the stars... by being the "star"

Recently I partook in a tradition on-campus. Dancing with the VU Stars or DVUS. This event is planned by the competitive ballroom dancing team, yes-we have a competitive ballroom team. 669 more words


Middle of Somewhere: 5 Ways to Stay Connected as a Middle Manager

We’ve all heard the adage, “The higher up you climb, the less student interaction you get.” I remember hearing this for the first time in grad school during a seminar my program hosted. 1,151 more words

RA Interviews Meet Speed Dating

I’ve been asked by a number of individuals each year to share how we orchestrate our Resident Assistant (RA) interview process. I may add pictures after our process next week, but thought this was a more efficient way to share what we do. 903 more words


Stop Using These 3 Apologies

The ability to take ownership, be forthright and apologize when you make a mistake is important and necessary in our work. After all, those of us working in higher education do generalist work in a field with constant change due to emerging technology, new legislation, and new students each year. 498 more words