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Thank you for your visit to my Gravatar to the person from Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

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How that you found everything that you were looking for and come back as often as you please. 20 more words

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This computer hates my reader

I am so grateful to have this old computer to use until mine gets to and come back from the computer hospital however, for some reason un-known to me, it hates my reader therefore, if you notice that I have not been reading lately, this battle might be on going for another two or three weeks and maybe more. 45 more words

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Florida media is at it once again

Remember the

“If it Bleeds it Leads thing?”

A cute little dog (a Treeing Walker Coonhound, Hound Dog) found in the Ocala National Forest area. 254 more words

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Fifty thousand Oysters to the Indian River Lagoon

It is time to climb the ladder to the top of our government officials and force them to admit that Chemical companies are the biggest polluters of our states land and water and to send their lobbyists packing and protect Floridians and anyone else in other states eating and drinking our products. 101 more words

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Mind you that my family (Native) believe in the reason for this day however, have a little problem with the extra fluff added by Big Business making big profit from the reason for this day?

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We should never forget!

I will not nor cannot forget this horrible truth of human history.

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps during World War II, when six million Jews were murdered at the hands of the Nazis. 352 more words

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9 Investigates strip mall casinos

How can this state and/or this country condone the closing of non-native Strip Mall Casinos when they allow several casinos by the Seminole people to multiply? 236 more words

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