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Cultural Conflict, the Land, and Healing

When Europeans came to North America they found Native attitudes towards The Land confusing. Folks here did not own the land; rather, the land was shared. 749 more words


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Here are the basics, beautifully written and clear as the sky used to be. This brother knows what he is talking about.

The Great Smoking Mirror reflects our true self

On Facebook a young woman recently stated she was tired of her ex-lover’s lies, abuse, and false promises. These were reasons she ended her relationship with the handsome younger man she ran off with a couple of years ago. 1,090 more words

Sacred Ceremonies

Another Coyote Tale

The Raven surprised me with his comment. “I read your blog post. More than the content, what I noticed is that you are engaged”. … 3,227 more words


The Peril of the Soul

Out of the depths of the sea, life emerged long, long ago and evolved upon the land.  That sea of fluid, of predator and prey, continues to cover most of our planet.  291 more words


Selling the Sacred

Here is something that is important to understand. When something is sacred, it does not have a price. I don’t care if it is white people talking about heaven or Indian people talking about ceremonies.

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Native Peoples

Alex Grey's matrix and the Daime

All the tables were full at Renaud’s French Bakery.  I noticed a good looking younger man sitting alone, reading the New York Times, and I wondered if I could share his table.  937 more words