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Blood Moons, False Prophets, and the like...

Two excerpts from this excellent article:

“The Jewish feast days and festivals no longer have any relevance since Jesus has come. Christians are dwelling on blood moons when they should be dwelling on the ‘sun of righteousness’.

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Sacred Cows

Maybe look elsewhere?

Man, are people on a Rapture prediction roller coaster this year or what?



How about this:



stop focusing on Blood Moons, meteors, Seraphim, Nephalim, gold dust, feathers, Angels at the altar, the new ‘Noah’ movie or even the new Nic Cage ‘Left Behind’ reboot and all that other “shhhtuff” and objectively look at what has been fulfilled from the Cross to about 70 AD… it might just give you a better perspective on things…




Just sayin…


Slaughtering sacred cows

We marketers are often faced with a quandary.  The client hires us to overhaul the company’s brand, then warn us, “But you can’t touch that!” 626 more words


Yogic breathing: chest to belly or belly to chest, and why do we care?

There is an ongoing discussion in the yoga community about the directionality of the breath – do you begin your inhalation in the chest and then fill the belly or do your fill up the belly first and then expand the chest? 986 more words

"Sacred Cows"

Why do people turn back to the Old Covenant, part 2.

Well, part one is what it is. Not much response to it so either it wasn’t response worthy, wasn’t written well enough to make sense, not interesting, or didn’t get enough traction. 2,581 more words


Too many asymmetrical poses can create sacroiliac joint issues

I must admit: before I started my viniyoga teacher training, I’ve never heard of sacrum issues. Sure, I knew what sacrum was, but my first teacher training program never talked about it, my students never complained about it, I haven’t had any trouble myself. 1,272 more words

Teaching Tips

Why do people turn back to the Old Covenant?

As you know, I’m just an average guy with no theological training or bible college background. I just write what I observe as plainly as I can, sometimes wandering in verbal circles as I do. 2,532 more words