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A Shepherdly King and a Kingly Shepherd

Anyone following modern politics will know that political leaders have very long lists of concerns that occupy their time and effort. But genuine concern for Average Joe or Jane citizen is seldom very high on those lists. 2,022 more words



The sun kissed the dew

the birds chirped a melody

welcoming dawn

alas I will never see another dawn

The hands that held the rifle… 86 more words


Ebola -their sacrifice

These poems are dedicated to healthcare personnel who are helping patients with Ebola including those who have succumbed to the disease and also Dr. Martin Salia who died from the disease last week. 166 more words

Crown's Plank (thirty) Having Mercy

Tobi had never told Vawndila that it was in fact Tobi herself who was responsible for the death of the child’s mother.  Each time she looked at the girl, she wondered how long it would be before she got old enough that her heartache and curiosity would no longer be assuaged by simple answers.   189 more words


Do it for the greater good

Don’t run away, this isn’t another blatant example of loyal fan worship of the greatest duo in musical history – I’m only using them, or better stated one of them as an example. 391 more words

Daddy's Life Lessons

The All That's Missed

And in that quest for

Ephemeral potency,

What all must they sacrifice?


What they don’t see is

 the “all” they must sacrifice

includes their own selves.


Re-Post: A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. That means everyone’s looking forward to camping out in front of Best Buy and shopping for Christmas! No wait, wait. 518 more words