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Crash! Bang!

I rush to the kitchen to find  the tortoiseshell cat from next door has half my lunch on the floor. A whole flounder fillet. I’ts a good thing the floor was clean after yesterday’s defrost. 531 more words


Every Life has meaning to someone

Every life has meaning to someone.

Even if a child may only survive a few hours, days or years, their life has meaning to someone. Someone decided to allow them the chance to live and grow. 471 more words


Who He Is

But Jesus was set before the governor, and the governor put the question to him ¨Are you the ´king of the Jews´?¨ and Jesus said ¨As you say.¨ 580 more words


Sacrifice – Love or Life Part 3

The real challenge came when I had to choose between going to a leadership meeting or my man’s father’s celebration. Personally, my leadership meeting was very important to me because I helped build the group with all my heart and soul. 677 more words


Lovecrimes (No Happy Endings)

I fail to acknowledge the fact that one day we’ll all be happy,
If that was the case he’d have what he wanted, and she would have him. 321 more words


1 Day Sober

When I went to my family’s house this past weekend, I gave into temptation. For the most part, I stuck to my schedule, but I fell short a couple times too. 84 more words